Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Empty Storefront At Sheridan/Lawrence Getting Renovated

An observant reader pointed out that a building permit has been issued for the former U.S. Sub Shop in Weiss Plaza at 4810 North Sheridan.

The permit says it is for "Interior renovations of existing commercial space into new carry-out sandwich shop."  We're not sure if the owner is doing it to attract a client or if a new tenant has already signed a lease.

Weiss Plaza, at the corner of Lawrence and Sheridan, was the site of several shootings last summer, but the past six months or so have felt much safer with the addition of video cameras, a security guard, and brighter lights.  We've spoken to people who work near there and they say that it's a completely different experience for them recently.  We hope the plaza keeps its safety measures in place as the weather gets nicer and that it can become an asset to the community rather than a gang hotspot.

1 comment:

  1. I was glad when they shut the old place down. It was just a thug hangout... hopefully the new shop does a better job keeping the area safe for the consumers of Weiss Plaza.

    I won't get my hopes up but it would be nice if the new place has some healthy foods on the menu.