Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Waiting For The Thaw

Sonic at Wilson & Kenmore. So close, yet so far.
If you are craving chili-cheese tater tots or a cherry limeade, you will have to be patient. We have only Mother Nature to blame according to the Truman Square Neighbors Block Club Facebook page:

Abby (from the 46th Ward office) answered, "The interior of Sonic is done, and they are going to start employee training probably next week. The hold up is that the winter has been sooooooo cold that they need to wait to put in the parking lot. Mark (with Sonic) said that from the time the weather goes above 50 degrees he estimates 5 weeks (2 weeks of thaw, 3 weeks of site work) before opening."


  1. Yah, 50?! They originally thought February for opening, and they thought they'd get 5 weeks of 50+ in January to put down the parking lot? Clearly someone wasn't looking at the calendar and time-table and cross-checking those.