Saturday, January 25, 2014

Monday's Zoning Committee Meeting Postponed

In anticipation of the polar air that's coming in early next week, the Zoning & Development meeting/information session scheduled for Monday night at Weiss Hospital has been postponed.

A notice from Abby Sullivan at the 46th Ward aldermanic office reads, in part:

"Monday is supposed to be high of -2, so we will not be meeting Monday night. Stay safe and warm, and please send me any questions you have regarding the JDL Maryville proposal or the proposal for the 3800 block of Broadway."

Here's to less frigid evenings ahead.


  1. One can get frostbite within minutes in this cold. Yet I see our some of our area homeless without hats or gloves? Where are Department of Human Service? I call 311 and they just give me the "run around". The only "official" warming center in the city is Madison/Kedzie & only opened 9sm-5pm!

  2. Why do you think that the City government has to be responsible for everything and everyone?!? If you see a problem, sometimes you just have to get off your keester and do something, instead of expecting the City to gallop in on the backs of taxpayers to solve every social problem. YES, the weather is life-threatening, but no one can force people to do something they don't want to do--like go inside out of the cold or to wear hats or gloves. Give them choices. Talk to the pastor of your church and get it to open its doors for warming. And get them to do a hat and glove drive for the homeless. Or organize a knitting party in your building and knit some stocking caps and mittens to pass out to the homeless. Or SOMETHING. Kwitcherbitchin about what the City doesn't do or isn't able to do and pick up the slack to personally make a difference in those lives. Little things add up.

    You're always great at finding fault. How about if you come up with some solutions at the same time that don't involve the City and don't involve you tartly complaining that someone isn't doing as much as you think they should be? I'd LOVE to see you start identifying problems and offering up GOOD answers at the same time, along with an invitation to participate in helping you implement those solutions. You just might find some willing people if you were proactive instead of critical and reactive all the time.

  3. bear, Chicago is one of the hardest cities in the country to be homeless. The city even put up metal gates under Lower Wacker drive to keep the homeless out. The library branches are a place to warm up but the security guard will kick you out if they catch you sleeping.

  4. I know Chicago is difficult...and not for just the homeless. Many homeowners on straightened means can't afford the ever-increasing property taxes and constantly-evolving "user fees" and increasing costs of water and garbage...put in place by previous city leaders who decided that we spend a lot of money on gold-lined benefits for city employees and for re-distribution to segments of communities that can but don't pull their own weight. Businesses close up and leave for the same reasons. When the benefits to the few so grossly outweigh the benefits to the many, people and businesses leave. The tax base dries up, and the ability for the City to be all things and do all things for all people at all times dries up with it, and those people who depend on the City handouts are left holding an empty bag (as empty as the wallets of the people who pay the taxes to get few benefits from them themselves).

    It's gonna get worse before it gets any better. If Springfield does nothing to relieve the city pension problems, you WILL see services slashed and taxes go up even further...the grumbling about cuts over the past few years will turn into a wail, and the exodus out of Chicago will begin. So, people like you who love to complain and find fault with everything can help to either soften or eliminate the blow by stepping up and doing something, no matter how small, to fix the problems you see instead of constantly demanding that a city with shrinking resources step in on the taxpayers dime EVERY time to fix every problem for every person. Take some responsibility instead of passing responsibility to an overburdened and unfundable system.

  5. Does anyone know when this meeting will be rescheduled?