Saturday, January 25, 2014

The Heat Is On (Well, Eventually)

The Tribune has an article about the heat -- more specifically, the lack thereof -- in the Uptown Theater.  Boiler repairs are scheduled to start on Monday.  The judge said he'd like to see the theater out of Housing Court by the end of the year.  (Wouldn't we all, your honor, wouldn't we all.)  The article is here

Next court date is February 28th, with two inspections scheduled between now and then.  Sadly, there was no mention of the giant mutant basement icicle in the article.

As commenter Irish Pirate noticed, the theater owners' attorney is Patrick Daley Thompson, of the Bridgeport Daleys.  Also of the "Daley Center" Daleys, which is where this particular courtroom happens to be located.

There's a brief video of a round-table discussion that includes Chris Jones, the Tribune's theatre critic, with the article.  It's cheerfully entitled "Nothing ever changes at the Uptown Theater."  It's here, and the sound quality is really bad, so be prepared to turn up the volume.


  1. I'm sure they got paid some good money to film Transformers there. Use it to fix the heat!

  2. It looks gorgeous inside. A shame it hasn't been opened in years.

  3. This is such a shame. Owners should be so ashamed to own such a beautiful piece of property and let it just rot..