Monday, December 23, 2013

Updated Plans For 3800 Block Of N. Broadway

Looking SE toward the corner of Broadway and West Sheridan
Ald. Cappleman's website was just updated with the proposal from developer Dave Gassman for the east side of the 3800 block of north Broadway. The previous proposal had a one story addition added to the top of the building with the terracotta eagles adorning the roofline. That has been (thankfully) scrapped for an additional story (7 total) added to the new residential portion, shown on the right side of the rendering. Full details on the proposal can be found here. The 46th Ward Zoning and Development Committee will review the proposals at the next meeting on January 6.


  1. Mimicking the neighboring facade as a base looks really, really stupid.

  2. the gas station nextdoor will be closed on the 28th also