Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Argyle Gas Leak Crews To Work Throughout The Night (UPDATED)

Repair equipment and vehicles as far as the eye can see

Repair crews right outside a resident's home
From what we are hearing from residents who live between Sheridan and Marine on Argyle, work is continuing as of 1:00am and is expected to last throughout the night.  An unconfirmed report says that water got into the gas lines.  In any case, new holes are being dug into the street by heavy equipment.  The gas remains off for that stretch of Argyle.  The road remains closed to traffic due to the large number of repair vehicles occupying the street.

Ald. Osterman sent out a progress report at 8:40pm on Tuesday:
"There is a gas line down on the 900 block of W. Argyle. People's Gas and representatives from the City are on-site and currently working to repair it. It is expected to be repaired around midnight tonight.

There will be warming buses on Argyle between Marine Dr. and Sheridan Rd. If your building or home is without heat, please utilize one of the warming buses. If you need assistance, please call 311.

Once the gas line is repaired, People's Gas representatives will go unit-to-unit to turn the gas back on. Keep in touch with your management company for further details."
According to DNAinfo, the repairs are taking longer than expected and will last throughout the night.

Update:  Residents tell us that the gas was restored around 4:30-5am, and they now have heat and hot water, after approximately 16 hours without.  A wretched night for all, especially the crews who worked to get everything fixed.  Glad it's over before the bitterest of the cold weather arrives.

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