Thursday, September 26, 2013

Crime & Safety Updates From Ald. Cappleman

Kelsky Patterson of Bronzeville was charged with the August shooting of a 14-year-old boy who was visiting his mother in Uptown, according to the Tribune.  His mugshot photo appears to have a firing rifle tattooed between his eyes.  Subtle!

From Ald. Cappleman's Wednesday's newsletter

"Shooter Arrested.  A person is now in custody and charged for the shooting that occurred at Broadway & Wilson on Saturday, Aug 31. The individual is now being questioned for other shootings. Good camera footage and other types of community involvement assisted with making this arrest. A special thanks to the 19th District Police and police detectives who worked tirelessly on this case. As the investigation continues, more information will be released."

UU Note:  It is our understanding that because the victim of the shooting is a minor, his condition is being kept confidential, unless his family releases it.

From last week's newsletter:

"On June 28th, I got a call from John, the owner of Papa Ray's Pizza (4757 N. Sheridan). He told me about a shooting that had just occurred less than 100 feet from his restaurant. With the help of the 19th and 20th Police Commanders, the Weiss Plaza manager, several business owners, block clubs, the Community Justice Center, and CAPS Beat Facilitators Ed Kuske and Richard Thale, we put together an action plan that beefed up security personnel, cleared storefront windows, put in more cameras, and changed store policies to improve public safety in the area.

The results have been dramatic.  Not only has the public loitering and drinking decreased substantially, but John, the same guy from Papa Ray's who called me on June 28th, told me recently that his sales increased 20% with the new plan in place.

Since June 28th, we've had 2 other incidents at other "hotspots" in the Ward. What we did at Weiss Plaza, we are in the process of establishing at these areas as well. 

We have seen how this process can turn around an area in a short amount of time. All of us will be working together to make this community a safer place for everyone."

UU Note: We're hearing from people who work there that things are much, much better at Weiss Plaza, thanks to a security guard, increased cooperation among the businesses, cameras that are linked into OEMC, cut-back foliage, and other measures that the management of the property and the business owners have initiated. However, it was a long frustrating summer; their stores suffered while things were being sorted out.  Your patronage of the businesses in Weiss Plaza would be a great way to reward them and thank them for turning a legendary trouble area around.


  1. Cameras don't necessarily directly prevent many crimes, but they are proving increasingly helpful in prosecutions which obviously reduces long term crime trends.

    Many cops refuse to believe this. Some of the more enlightened members of our local constabulary are seeing the light.

    Given the complete lack of self control among our criminal non elite it's not surprising that cameras are helpful. It's not like the mopes see a potential enemy, then walk away, change clothes, put on a HR Pufnstufmask and then do their shooting.

  2. Damn, another future member of Doctors Without Borders, or maybe a great writer, gone astray! This is such a huge loss for society! Now we won't get to benefit from Mr. Patterson's contributions to the world! At least not for the few months he's in jail, before he pulls another dumbass stunt.

  3. Did he have his Loser & Morons Club members' card on him when arrested?

  4. I did a quick google image search of young Kelsky. The lovely rifle tattoo between his eyes, roughly where his brain is supposed to be, is relatively new. His mugshot from January doesn't feature the lovely ink.

    Hmmm, if he's convicted I wonder if said tattoo will have an effect on how the judge sentences him. I wouldn't want to be a judge who gave Kelsky a light sentence only to have him and his tattoo reappear on the streets shortly thereafter. Nope, methinks if convicted, Kelsky will be a guest of the state for years.