Wednesday, September 25, 2013

A Little More Than A Fender-Bender

A photo from another reader. 
We really appreciate your being our eyes and ears on the scene.

Around 10pm, residents around Winthrop and Lawrence heard the sounds of screeching tires.  A resident who went out to investigate sent us this photo and says,

"Came out to an SUV flipped on its side, another car mangled, police immediately on scene. ... Just heard from an officer two cars were chasing each other and crashed. People in one car got out and ran. That's all they know right now."

From the photo, it looks like the scene is immediately south of Lawrence on Winthrop, between the two parking lots.

Update:  "More & more officers showing up. Looks like they got three guys. Male Latinos. Currently asking potential victims to ID them."

Update:  The police are sweeping the broken glass and debris from the wreck to the curb on Winthrop.  If you park there, watch out!  We assume Streets and San will be notified, or possibly CleanSlate.

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