Saturday, August 31, 2013

Teenager Shot At Wilson & Broadway This Evening

There was a shooting tonight around 6pm at Wilson and Broadway.  As of 7:45pm, the streets are closed off for one block in all directions of the intersection, and there is a heavy police presence.

Ald. Cappleman tweeted:  "Shooting just now at Broadway and Wilson. Had currency exchange install cameras at exact site yesterday. Lead on shooter. Stay tuned."

According to the Tribune, a 14-year-old boy was shot in the head after an altercation between a group of pedestrians.  He is in critical condition.  According to people on the scene, the victim was not involved with gangs and was in Uptown to visit his mother.  In another tweet, Ald. Cappleman said, "Unclear if shooting is gang related but it is suspected for now."  The victim was taken to Illinois Masonic.

Another man in his 20s walked into Weiss Hospital shortly after the shooting with a gunshot wound to his wrist.  Police are investigating whether that injury was related to the same incident.

We'll update as we get more information.  There are news trucks on the scene, so there should be some links going up in addition to the Tribune's story.

Update:  The Sun-Times has a very brief story, notable only in that it gives the age of the victim as 16, not 14.  Hard to get details right in the first hours after an event.  More to come, I'm sure.

Update:  A reader who was on the scene said he heard about eight shots fired.  The shooting(s) took place on the Wilson side of the currency exchange, about twenty feet from Broadway.  The police were on the scene within seconds.

Update:  WGN (link here) just said on its newscast that the police are "insisting" that the young man who was shot was not gang-affiliated.

Update:  CBS2 (no link available right now) just said on its newscast that a semi-automatic weapon was used and no one is in custody.  Police are still on the scene.

Update:   The plot thickens.  ABC7 is saying (link here) that both victims have gang affiliations, but they are unsure if this was a gang conflict.


  1. I'm sure the police we were told would sit 24 hours a day at that hot spot saw it al, unless that was just another empty promise.

    1. Killerminpin, we have video taken literally seconds after the shooting -- which we will not be publishing due to graphic content and respect for the young man's family -- and the police were already there calling for an ambulance.

    2. That's great news! But... Were we not promised a constant police presence at the hot spots after the shooting at Wilson and broadway? That shooting also involved automatic weapons.
      So the question remains.... What happened to the promise? Was it kept or not?

    3. Of course you know I don't know the answer to that. However, I can tell you that ten seconds after the shooting, police were standing next to the victim radioing for emergency medical personnel. They may have dropped from the sky or used astal projection. More likely, they were ten seconds or less away when it happened. Feel free to draw whatever conclusions you like. BTW, I would love to see you post something positive for once, but maybe conspiracy theories are all that's in your wheelhouse.

    4. Killerminpin, I assume you mean Wilson and Sheridan.

    5. I can tell you that last night there were in fact police parked right on Broadway and Wilson at the north/west corner as I went to the currency exchange for my license plate sticker.

    6. Thanks to those who aren't afraid to ask questions! And I do post posative comments, but when I see stories about people being shot I can't see where there is anything positive to say. I want to know what's being done? Where are the police? Why is this acceptable? All I'm asking is where are the police that were promised to be stationed in "hot spots" this came straight from the alderman's email.

    7. And again, you are asking questions that you know that we, as bloggers and residents, cannot know the answers to. Why don't you ask the alderman or the police? I bet they would have answers for you. I can tell you because I saw video ten seconds after the shooting that the police were on the scene. Ergo, they were less than ten seconds away from the shooting. I can't understand why you think there is more of an answer to be had. PLEASE PLEASE go to CAPS, go to the Alderman's office on Wednesday and ASK THE PEOPLE WHO CAN ANSWER YOUR QUESTIONS. Your sitting around typing the same bullshit that no one can answer on this blog is annoying and I won't be putting it through unless you come up with some answers from the sources themselves. You want to know so badly? ASK THE PEOPLE WHO KNOW.

    8. Umm just wanted to point out that Killerminpin actually posted a comment\ doubt with some sarcasm...but he never asked anyone a question. Regardless of how you feel, it seems quite appropriate for him to raise the topic of discussion here in the comment section of UU. The sarcasm regarding the whereabouts of the police is warranted as one demanded 24 hour posting of police at 3 hot spots in the area (bc that simply is not possible in the 19th district they run out of police for hours all the time). Now I like the alderman but one does have to question his credibility for making such a promise. Personally, we all need to start holding our politicians accountable for what they promise. We are not well known for honest politicians in this state\city, after all. And Rahm and McCarthy will promise and lie and cover up and spin everything all the while knowing it is bs. Never has it been worse. I direct u to this story in the suntimes today about Rahm and his BS ( ) It is not too much to demand accountability and meaningful resolution and efforts to that end from those we have elected and their appointees. I thank Killerminpin for calling it out!

    9. Look, police or no police, these kids don't care. They're stupid enough that they don't even look to see if there are surveillance cameras. If there's a cop car at the corner and someone wants to shoot another person, they're going to do it.

  2. I hate this. We CAN be a stronger community. I used to live here, recently moved back. I love this hood, let's take it back.

  3. Need more police walking the streets.

    1. No, we need more stop and frisk of young black males -- sorry, but it seems racist (and I'm not white), but the police need to stop these kids and search them.

    2. That has to be the most disgusting comment i've heard. And to justfy it by saying "oh Im not white" is even more ignorant. Its tactics like that that create more violence and hate.

  4. All this week I saw police cars stationed at the 3 different locations where we had shootings which happened to be located in the 3 different gang territories. I'm not the police but having the police stationed in 3 different gang territories seems reasonable to me. This area was crawling with police. I agree with the need for more police but we would be fooling ourselves if we insist more police is the only answer.

  5. The problem is three different gangs think they have control over territory in downtown Uptown. And they will continue to run into each other with explosive consequences. (aware this is not something that people here don't know)

    The same intersections are the most dangerous. This is one of them.

    But this too shall pass. Someday. Positive steps are being taken in Uptown for a better future. Like Lawrence House being fixed up.

  6. Exactly, where is the beat cop. Why three cops sitting in a car is better then one cop walking around is better please tell me how.

    So what is the plan now to double-manning of the hotspots. If our Alderman wants credit for a camera he can have it.

  7. Hold our politicians accountable is as much a monumental task as preventing crime on the street. It may be we are expecting too much of elected officials that is beyond their scope of abilities. All they can do is speak about and push money and resources around.
    We need to expect the police to get out of their gas guzzling SUV cruisers and on their feet. They need to be walking around and shooing the loiterers away and be eyes where the passive surveillance cameras can't see.
    I see too many drug deals happen on the door steps of buildings on my block. There are far too many transient people wandering around that are up to no good.
    A politician elected today cannot fix the crimes against civilization the last 40 years of political and economic policies have created within a short period of time. And they cannot be fixed with just a local focus. If you want to stop crime in the streets you need to fix the education system and bring more better paying jobs back to the city, as well as every other city. So, since that is not an easy fix we need to do more as an individual to correct the things we can. Report our neighbors for their drug buying is one. These kids running around here are just the delivery boys for the waiting customers who are often not the "lower class" residents we wish to think they are. We need to be chasing them from our doorsteps when they are hanging there to conduct their business or relax for a while. We also need to look at the businesses and institutions that are helping these people. There is a "church" across from my home that I have witnessed all sorts of crime take place from prostitution, drug trade, assaults (with and without weapons) by the congregation of this church. The currency exchange where this crime took place is a haven for transient people to loiter in the shade of the trees there. The rest of that plaza is no better. The police drive by time and time again while these people linger there and harass every person that walks by. I have been verbally assaulted on a few occasions just passing through going to Target.

    I have lived in this area of 8 years now. I have lived in far worse areas in other cities and I know what I am dealing with by living here. I am not some "professional" that wanted a bargain condo and am concerned about my property values. But I am concerned about my safety!!! Whether that be threatened by a gang gun fight or a transient person willing to knock me out for the $5 in my pocket.

    So.. the politicians are the least of our issues here because no matter who is in office we will continue to have the same results locally until we push for better education, health care and reduction in social & economic inequity. Yet the American people are too focused on Kardashians and moronic talking points of corrupt politicians.

  8. I was blocked from posting last night by the moderator (caring neighbor) who said my postings were "bullshit" I see that my post after was never put up. I was polite and never directed anything at anyone! THIS IS VERY CONCERNING TO ME ABD SHOULD BE TO UU AND OTHERS HERE!

    1. k-pin, conflicts of interest and failure to provide full disclosure sometimes add up to ethical challenges for some're not the only one who is concerned.

      CTA had meetings about the Wilson Station a year or two ago, to discuss with local businesses and organizations what they wanted to see. I went as a representative of my block club and residents, and when the UCC President (and partner of the alderman) started getting overly assertive about pushing for what the businesses on Broadway wanted (to the exclusion of the area residents), I pushed back. Not long after that, I posted here about the Wilson Station and encouraged residents to voice their opinions--imagine my surprise to find "CN" getting nasty to me about (his term) my "pet project". "CN" has had other things to say to me or about me when I've gone to bat for my neighbors--things I thought were discussed only with the Alderman and his staff--and likes to push CAPS as an end-all-be-all solution to crime for mere residents (something the Alderman pushes frequently), yet discussion gets squelched a lot and CAPS meetings turn into meetings for the sake of meetings with no information forthcoming and no solutions offered. It happens that the Alderman's partner frequently attends CAPS beat meetings across the ward and he does court advocacy...something that "CN" brings up a lot. "CN" also brings up positive loitering--sponsored by UCC (which, incidentally, seems to ONLY sponsor it at one location)--near the Alderman's residence. And perhaps you've noticed that "CN" gets hot under the collar a lot over the grumbling done here about the Alderman. To me, it's abundantly clear exactly who "CN" really is.

      That being said, Richard is well within his rights to defend his partner. He also does an incredible amount of work on behalf of the community, and I both admire and appreciate his tenacity and abilities. But I think that he has let the lines get blurred, he has disclosed neither who he is nor the relationship to his partner, the Alderman, he takes advantage of the anonymity to intentionally be disrespectful toward people who disagree with him or the Alderman, and he takes advantage of being a moderator to censor what he doesn't like to have discussed. I fully realize that UU was created to counterbalance Helen Shiller's machine and to act as a political vehicle for our present alderman, but behavior that skates damned close to being unethical on the part of "CN" does not reflect well on the Alderman, and it does him no favors.

      Perhaps "CN" could stick with moderating...with moderation...and Richard could post as Richard when it involves CAPS or UCC or being the Alderman's partner...and OTHER posts could come from a new handle. A semi-public figure partnered to a public figure really needs to be above-board and not stoop to unbecoming lows, for the sake of the Alderman and the sake of the neighborhood.

    2. Bear, I'm STILL not Richard. Deal with it.

    3. Bear, every solution you've ever presented had you doing nothing. Figures. If you want some positive loitering, get off your butt and organize it. Quit waiting around for someone to do it for you. Your whining is irritating.

    4. Bear60640 thanks for what you said, I figured that out when NC said he viewed the security tape at the scene of the crime, doubt many Joe on the street get that kind of access.
      For holy moley below no I didn't call as you might know transactions take place an all parties disperse and with no police near by calling wouldn't have done a thing but leave us standing in a corner where people get shot.
      BigGuy below strange I voted for James, donated to his campaign and have supported him repeatedly so I guess questioning the promis that police will be stationed 24/7 means I trash him? Do the police go back to the station to use a bathroom? Hmm maybe since its not safe at those hot spots to use a public WC.
      If you two think trashing your neighbors here because your views are different or even questioned than the real reason uptown is failing to keep up with every ward around it is YOU!
      Blocking views that differ from those of the moderator and trying to scare away or shame others off a site that should be used to promote the friendly exchange of ideas to better the community we have all chose to live in is the reason we are failing.

    5. Ok Holy Miley, I went to the CAPS Meeting last night and it was as worthless as ever.
      Neighbors complained, facts already known where shared.The police reiterated they need more police.

      The city is broke. The Alderman says he and a "number" of other aldermen are going to demand more police. It would be nice if he could share that number since it matters in the city council.

      So what now Holey Mol, more CAPS meetings?

    6. P.S. if the CAPS meeting was worthless, what did you do to help improve it? (hint, whining doesn't count.)

  9. So, after reading all this, is it safe to say that the shooter shot the kid RIGHT IN FRONT OF THE POLICE?

    1. It sure sounds like that. Which begs the question, was the shooter just an idiot and completely unaware of his surroundings (ie police 10 seconds away) which is a likely option. Or was the shooter aware of the police and decided to go ahead and shoot the 14 y/o boy on a busy intersection anyway. That is a truly terrifying prospect. Given the shooter's alleged profession of choice, my moneys on the prior but perhaps I'm just being optimistic.

  10. They need to stop all those bust-outs from loitering on the sidewalks in front of all these businesses. They just sit outside the currency all day exchanging drug sales in plain view, while just sitting on their milk crates all along the sidewalk. No loitering signs need to be posted in front of all these businesses and the no loitering laws should be enforced. This could help in eliminating easy targets just sitting there to be shot at and it could make the sidewalks more pedestrian friendly.

  11. I agree Uptown appalled.Buisness owners should call and ask if police woulld come and ask these people to leave.

  12. So glad I moved out of Uptown Last Month. Horrible since the new Alderman took over. He is so worried about Pigeons and Homeless Senior Citizens. He totally forgot about doing anything to stop the gangs, so glad I moved away.

    1. Marty,

      U wild man U.

      You left JPUSA? Oh man, that breaks my heart. Did you leave or did they send you off to another one of their locations to "minister" and do the work of the Lord.

      I'm also touched about your concern for violence in Uptown. I don't recall the group you just left being much concerned about violence when Shiller was alderman. That was different because she and JPUSA were locked in a grotesque embrace of mutual convenience. JPUSA got certain benefits out of that relationship and Shiller got votes.

      Isn't there a passage in the bible somewhere regarding gold pieces or something? I was raised in Holy Mother the Church, and Catholicism while wacky at times, does realize that the bible is not literal truth, but allegory. A symbolical narrative so to speak. As an aside I'm really digging this new Pope. I hope, dare I say pray, he manages to stay alive and healthy for the next 15 years or so.

      Now why did you leave JPUSA Uptown? Really man I didn't know you left. I haven't spoken to my source on JPUSA for a few months. She's a former member I call "Deep Spankings". She's great for all kinds of inside info on the dwindling band of Jesus Freaks on the slowly sinking ship they call Friendly Towers. That's allegory by the way.

      The SS Friendly Towers hit an iceberg of hypocrisy years ago regarding alleged child abuse and with those issues and other issues coming to light is now quickly taking on water. The damage was below the waterline and largely unseen for years, but now is apparent.

      Perhaps Gilligan and the Skipper will come by on the SS Minnow and take on the survivors and transport them to Moody or some other evangelical outpost which while undoubtedly wacky is less wacky and damaging that the SS Friendly Towers.

      Really man you're gone? Otto left? Trott has gone largely silent which makes sense considering some of the participants in the coming documentary and the only person left from JPUSA publicly commenting at UU is Eric Clayton.

      That's some sorry shit. When hard core apologists for JPUSA like Otto and yourself leave, Marty, and Trott goes silent I know things must be looking increasingly grim.

      I leave you with this Marty. May it bring you hope.

    2. I'm glad you moved, too, Marty...let's hope that the Friendly Towers goes up on the market soon, so the last vestiges of JPUSA can move with you (and have a way to pay legal fees).

      And you must have a very short memory about the difference between the current Alderman's efforts to communicate and find solutions versus his predecessor's flat-out refusal to do ANYTHING for anyone not in her preferred constituency. Cappleman certainly hasn't been perfect, but he IS human. And his approach at least gives his constituents a semblance of being part of the solution instead of totally walling them out. My vote wasn't wasted.

    3. What does all of this have to do with anything?

  13. We need foot patrol officers walking the beat with their old school wooden batons. Times Square in NYC is loaded with cops walking their beats. It drastically reduced crime there in the '90s. Broadway & Wilson is ground zero for the gang violence in Uptown. On a positive note there was probably dozens of witnesses. This is a vagrant hang out spot as well as a gang/drug spot.

  14. Marty, we're glad you moved too!

    Now onto more important comments.
    Roberta, while that does seem to be the most logical answer, it doesn't always work. Don't get me wrong, I agree 100% with you, but as a business owner, it is not that easy. I have called several times actually, but the first time will stick with me forever. When the officer showed up, and I asked to remove some people from the front of my business, the first words out of her mouth...." You know they have a right to be there don't's not illegal to stand on the sidewalk" I promptly told her that her services were no longer needed and she could leave. I have also had different officers show up that will gladly remove anyone loitering. I have also figured out sometimes its easier to chase them off myself. I truly believe that the problem today is that the criminals have to many damn rights and the cops have way way too little.
    These wastes of life will take the chance, hoping that somehow they will get off on a technicality, scream racism or claim their rights were infringed upon. We, as a society have created this monster.
    You can drive down the street any day of the week by the Wilson station, see drug deals going down. Everyone knows this,including the cops. The problem is they can't just go up to an individual, lets say a known drug dealer, and search them without cause. This is completely ignorant, but it is that way because we have made it so. People are so worried about the rights of criminals, but don't consider how this affects the rest of us.
    Until we stop worrying about the rights of these scumbags, that don't work, don't pay taxes, provide nothing of value to our society and continue to siphon away our tax dollars....and star protecting those of us who do work, who do pay taxes and are law abiding citizens, nothing is going to change.
    There was a day when criminals feared the police, those days are gone.

    1. I certainly agree, these bangers are protected like they are some sort of endangered species or something, however as a law abiding individual I also don't want my own rights compromised under the guise of "safety" (that's you NSA). So I think Chicago needs to look at some way of reconciling a pseudo-stop-and-frisk policy with the 4th Amendment. For example, if we need probable cause to search someone, lets consider loitering probable cause. Or wearing baggy white t-shirts/gang paraplegia could be probable cause. These are both broad generalizations which could provide a similar benefit to the stop-and-frisk policy in NY, but slightly more limited and at least somewhat in line with the 4th amendment.

    2. LL, a cop can only stop for probable cause when something illegal is suspected. Unfortunately, loitering is legal after it was thrown out in the courts. It's also legal to be in a gang, just as it is legal to wear baggy pants. Ask any cop.

    3. Thanks for the reply HM, and yes I am aware of the legality of these offenses. I was just suggesting that a possible alternative to the complete disregard for the 4th amendment such as what BG above was suggesting would be to alter what constitutes probable cause. This would obviously need to be passed in court. I'm not suggesting the police of the 46th ward create their own interpretation of the law. I'm suggesting that perhaps Chicago should modify the highly unpopular but very successful stop-and-frisk policy of NY for implementation here.

      With regards to your examples of probable cause, I think that when something is deemed a significant risk to public safety then there might be a case for reexamining how it is dealt with. For example, it is not illegal to operate a motor vehicle while under the influence of alcohol provided you are below the legal limit, however if you have the smell of alcohol on your breath then an officer has probable cause to investigate your sobriety. The smell of alcohol and being over the legal limit frequently coincide, and you might pose a major threat to public safety. Similarly, although it is not illegal to loiter, loitering and selling drugs frequently coincide and pose a significant threat to public safety. Perhaps probable cause could be legally broadened in a few select situations to allow our police more power over the situation. At least this wouldn't be as sweeping and invasive as NY's stop-and-frisk, but perhaps it might be close to as effective. The NSA has no problem drastically invading privacy with even less reason than loitering/gang paraphernalia. Considering that by living in Chicago the threat of violence is much greater than the threat which the NSA allegedly protecting us from, perhaps we should reprioritize where we give up our rights. Just a thought.

    4. LL, your discussion about probable cause should be run by an expert in the law. I personally have my doubts and would be cautious about the city facing another unnecessary lawsuit. Hey, but if a law expert says it's a great idea, let some high ranking cop know.

  15. So really....there was a spanking new camera, a police not 10 seconds away, and dozens of witnesses.

    The only thing missing are suspects in custody.This is a joke. Manning hot spots is a joke if it means an officer in an SUV sitting there with the windows rolled up and AC blasting.

    The police have not been at the spots 24/7 as the aldetman said in his update and a commenter did above. Seeing how this tienes out what does it matter anyway.

    CPD please get out of your damn cars BEFORE a crime scene happens so maybe next time it won't.
    .How do we have the manpower for "manning" these so calles hotspots but not one for a beat cop? Is it a confort zone issue for the police, can the alderman talk about that?

    1. Wow, PS, that question about beat cops is great! Will you be going to CAPS to ask it?

    2. A round of applause for peregine (if my post is alloud to be posted) took a walk at 1:25 today down Wilson from Malden to Sheridan, saw 1 drug deal in front of Truman saw a second infront of the hair and nails by the foot behind the currency exchange and saw NOT ONE POLICE CAR OR FOOT OFFICER. The joke is on all of us, maybe after baseball season there will be more police on this side of the ward. For those who say I fail to say anything posative I walked back toward Malden on Lawrence and saw more than a half a dozen police on foot all guarding the film crew and equipment at the uptown theater!

    3. Killer, did you call 911 each time you saw these crimes or did you post this information just to whine?

    4. Dear Chicken Little....oops sorry, Killerminpin

      So, you think by the alderman saying there is going to be police 24/7, there will be an officer present for every single crime committed?? Really? Shame on you for being so completely unrealistic. If there is a patrol car sitting at Wilson and Broadway, and a crime is committed at Broadway and Sunnyside, is that his fault? I don't think so. Quite honestly, I am having a hard time thinking that anyone is foolish enough to believe this....or at least I hope this is not the case. I would like to think people are more intelligent than this. Maybe I am nieve.

      I have seen police in these areas EVERYDAY since the last shooting. What do you think happens when one of the them has to use the restroom or take a lunch you really think the are going to call someone in to cover for them?
      Is it possible that the officer that was on patrol was called out for another crime? Absolutely!
      Please stop with your incessant whining and bitching about the alderman. Clearly you don't like him, and that's your choice, but spare the rest of us of your stupid bullshit rants.
      As far as your comment that UU readers should be concerned that your posts are not being posted.....I would like to think of it as more of a "public service" and I applaud them for not wasting our time.
      Yes, the crime is alarming, no one will argue with that. But it seems to be less this year than last, and hopefully even less next year. These problems are not fixed in one day. I personally feel safer than I did just a few years ago. There are plenty of POSITIVE things going on in Uptown as well, but clearly some of would rather focus on only the negatives.

      The sky is not falling!

    5. Holey Moley

      Not only have I brought up a beat cop at more then one CAPS meeting it seems like someone does at every CAPS Meeting.

      Or am i just imagining things? The answers are the same as the results are the same I am not even close to being the first person to say we need a beat cop.

    6. uh, PS, so if I want to understand you correctly, you didn't go to the last CAPS meeting to discuss this and you didn't call 911 when you saw these crimes being committed. However, you did post about it on UU.

      Have you ever been called a whiner before? Would you have an idea why people may think you might be one?

    7. Personally, it seems kind of lame to want to participate in a program that's been gutted and replaced by compstat. Caps is the pet project of the politicians because it sounds great. In reality is an unfunded, powerless joke and does very little with even less.

      Caps is a joke because politicians trot it out when someone gets shot and it makes them look good. They tend to forget about it when they don't need it. Spare me the "go to caps and change the world" mantra, please, hm. I'm tired of hearing it and I'm not drinking that kool-aid. I don't need to go to a caps meeting and you're not going to win the argument because I don't go.

      The name of the game is compstat and the public doesn't get a say in how the numbers are calculated. We can talk about how that is just politics disguised as crime strategy if you'd like, but what I'm done talking about is caps. It would be nice if you could just state once and for all that you're a fan of caps just so we don't have to hear your retort any more. Everyone gets it. Can we move on?

    8. BB, it's not so much that I'm a fan of CAPS. It's just that I detest people who refuse to do anything to address an issue and would rather sit on their ass and whine. It reminds me of a toddler throwing a tantrum.

  16. The problem is we don't have enough LEO on the street. If you ask the alderman he says " the commander is in charge of the assigning police" The last I knew Alderman approve the budget, last year our Alderman said " he was going to vote against the budget, however at the last minute he voted for it" If he truly wanted to get more cops on the street, he could have got his other alderman to stick up and demand the budget included more cops. He eventually caved, however don't worry we are going to write tickets for people feeding Pigeons.

    We have been waiting for new business's to come into Uptown area, but of course with this crime wave. I don't know many business still wanting to move here.

    I am sure people will say life is better than Schiller, which I am not 100% sure. All across the city housing inventory and values have increased, but here in Uptown they are still dropping. We need an alderman that can come up with a plan and make it work. One who can have some balls.

    1. Tim,

      you're a wild man. Can't you decide how to spell "your" last name.

      Here your "Mckracken", but weeks ago you were "McCracken".


      Unless there are TWO Tim Mckraken/McCracken's in Uptown I have to believe that you're both sockpuppeting and trolling at the same time.

      One problem is when you play these games you purposefully misspell "Schiller" to make yourself look dumber than you actually are. You really don't need to do that. You're plenty stupid already.

      Keep up the fine work and please decide which of the two Mckracken/McCracken profiles you prefer to use. Personally McCracken is the traditional spelling. The "Mckracken" spelling seems only popular in movies regarding hockey.

      I could see the "McKracken" spelling being used in some Irish/German coproduction horror movie.

      "Summon the "McKracken" Igor and let him dispose of these trifling sockpuppets."

      "Yes, Herr Doctor FrankenSchiller".

      Giant Octopus like McKracken enters and eats trifling sockpuppets. Cue bagpipe Music.

  17. You know what's so sad about these comments? Everyone's got someone to blame -- the cops, the alderman, the moderator, the neighbors, the people in subsidized housing. Call the damn waaahbulance!

    Not one damn person among you is blaming the person who pulled the trigger.

    As far as I'm concerned, there is one person to blame in all this, and that's the person who decided to carry a gun and settle an argument by shooting a kid in the head.

    But continue to fight among yourselves and blame everyone but the shooter.

  18. Why is it that the only response Holey Moley can come up with is "did you go to your caps meeting".

    Hey HM - there is a large contingent of residents that find caps a complete waste of time. Cops think it is garbage. Citizens think it is garbage. Oh wait, the alderman loves it. Now I see.

  19. Do they think whining is more productive?

  20. The CAPS meetings have been whinner central in my experience Holy Moley, what difference has that made?
    Productive would be for the police and alderman to actually try a beat cop just once as asked over and over. has been said not done.

  21. And I guess I don't understand why I have to go to the CAPS meeting to say:

    1) Keep the police staffed up to where they should be.
    2) Use more beat cops to be familiar with the area and people.
    3) Vote for budgets not for saving your political re-election. Serve the community, not yourself. If Rahm wants to punish Uptown because the alderman from Uptown makes a stand and says: I won't vote for this budget, there aren't enough $'s to pay for the police my ward needs, so be it.

  22. PS, I agree we need more cops, especially beat cops. It's my understanding that this already happens and I have seen one on Wilson a couple of times,

    I'm curious though. Who told you that aldermen do beat cop assignments? Don't get me wrong, I want more cops walking the beat but where does the police commander step in with regards to police assignments. Does he just step aside and does whatever the alderman says?

  23. No one told me the alderman makes beat cop assignments. I'm saying that there should be a policy of alderman supporting budgets that put feet on the street. From a policy perspective the alderman should be supporting a police force that believes in active policing. And again, I don't feel like anyone should be told they need to go to a caps meeting to state this.

    The alderman has supported Rahm's political machine version of crime isn't the problem your perception is the problem, vis-a-vis his support of Rahm's budget, and at the expense of the Uptown neighborhood.

    The alderman is a little late with his support of holding the budget hostage until the police are fully staffed. The message is being screamed in so many ways, I feel like continuing to ask people to go to a caps meeting to see action on something that should have been done a long time ago is a little short sighted.

    In terms of policy, it is the alderman's job to put pressure on the alderman and police to put in effect policy that works. Up to point, I've not seen that.

    1. So BB, makes sense to me except I do have one tiny little question: What's the role of the Police Superintendent with deciding how and when beat cops should be used and how does that differ from the role of the aldermen? I ask because it appears your expectations would set up even Jesus Christ to fail.

      Just another side note that might help the conversation: You are blaming one alderman for a city-wide policy about how it should be determined that police are being used. Shouldn't the focus be more on holding an alderman accountable for ward-wide policies?

      You are right that they vote on budgets, though. By the way, did you meet with the aldermen to discuss your concerns about the budget? What did the alderman say?

    2. 1) How many times do I have to say I didn't even live in Uptown during the Schiller regime? I've said it enough. Seriously, read my posts and stop with this "you like Schiller" nonsense. Honestly, that's what is wrong with Uptown, and in specific this website. This website was established for the sole purpose of bringing down an alderman, then became the mouthpiece for the new administration. It is what it is, but there are a select few people that can't get past that vitriol.

      2) Just because I'm saying something you don't like doesn't make me a troll (and it also doesn't make me a Schiller fan, either). It means we don't agree. Obviously you aren't ok with that. I'm sorry, but you're going to have to be. I'm not trolling when I say that there needs to be a focus on Uptown, not on political careers. (I'm also not calling you names. You should look into that.)

      3) The alderman referred me to his master plan and walked away. Not much discussion to be had. He didn't like that I think his master plan is garbage and seems to read like it was written by 6th grade students.

      4) I'm blaming Cappleman for not doing his job for Uptown, plain and simple. He's more worried about kissing Rahm's butt and trying to get elected again. That's sad. There are a lot of problems that could be solved but it's just more spin and politics from the alderman that just wants to impress Rahm.

      5) I believe I've offered many solutions. Uptown Superhero, you just don't want to hear it. That's too bad that you don't want to hear it, but I'm not going to let you accuse me of being a troll simply because you don't like what I'm saying.

      6) Holy Moley, you should go straighten your bow-tie and get back to work. The alderman needs a refill on his coffee. It's pretty clear you work for him, and I feel like you should let the alderman speak for himself instead of being his attack dog. (You're not really very good at it.)

      7) The role of the police superintendent is not to be a liar. Compstat is a method for police brass to lie to the citizens they are sword to protect. I think McCarthy does a good job of being a liar - and he doesn't understand basic statistics, either. I've noticed he hasn't been giving his "crime is down in historic numbers" speech lately. I'm assuming the alderman -does- understant elementary statistics, yet I never hear him call out the nonsense that is being spewed. Wonder why? The aldermen should vote on a budget, not rubber stamp what the mayor wants. My issue has nothing to do with Jesus Christ failing. My issue has to do with an entire body of alderman, and the one representing Uptown in specific, being yes men to a mayor that simply wants to cut payroll and give 100 million dollar stadiums for private universities while the police are short staffed and teachers are being blamed for the ills that parents refuse to cure.

      But hey, whatever. People are getting shot, Uptown property values continue to fall, Illinois has a huge pension problem and the infastructure of Chicago is beginning to crumble. Probably best to have an alderman that won't think for himself anyway.

    3. Gosh BB, you may want to recheck your sources for Uptown property values. Per Trulia, they've gone up in the last year. Don't you just hate it when facts get in the way of making a point?

      It still has to be horrible that all city officials are ignoring your wonderful advice. You are truly a victim.

      The median sales price for homes in Uptown, Chicago for May 13 to Jul 13 was $230,000 based on 200 sales. Compared to the same period one year ago, the median sales price increased 17.9%, or $35,000, and the number of sales increased 81.8%. Average price per square foot for Uptown was $185, an increase of 48% compared to the same period last year. There are currently 192 resale and new homes in Chicago on Trulia, including 7 open houses, as well as 274 homes in the pre-foreclosure, auction, or bank-owned stages of the foreclosure process. The average listing price for homes for sale in Uptown was $280,939 for the week ending Aug 28, which represents a decrease of 1.9%, or $5,400, compared to the prior week.

    4. Every single property owner that I have talked to in Uptown has told me their assessed value is down.

      Trulia? Is that like wikipedia for the real estate market?

  24. This alderman is a joke, He said the same thing last year, However when push came to shove the vote from the 46th ward was YES on the budget. He keeps saying that the 3 hot spots will have 24/7 coverage. When there isn't coverage he passes the buck and blames the commander. We all know the police can't have three officers sitting here watching 24/7. So stopping lying and giving everyone here false visions.

    If you look at the master ward plan on crime, he thinks art and other items are going to solve the problem. The major issue isn't the kids here locally are being recruited into the gang. If I am correct ( based on his emails) most of the gang bangers involved in the shootings have address on the south or west. This would leave me to believe they are coming up here doing business and going home.

    What is needed isn't that hard here is the plan
    1) Alderman stop being bullied by Rahm and demand more Police Officers
    2) Make sure the judges stop being lenient on these criminals. If we lock them up and let the cops know that if you take the time and effort to arrest. The individual will pay the time for crime
    3)Vote in favor of allowing the Supt. to install the broken window/ conditions theory in Chicago. It worked in NYC in can simply work here.

    I am sure the Cappelman supports will be all upset, but the facts are the facts

    We are having more shootings in Uptown and property values aren't increasing. Try to sell your place in uptown compared to similar places in the City. You all will see that nobody wants to move into Uptown, but everyone wants to leave.

    1. So, "Tim," I'm guessing by #2 that you think politicians should be able to tell judges how to rule and pass sentences in their courtrooms? Yeah, there's nothing that could possibly go wrong with THAT!

      Also, you should learn -- just like how to spell your pseudonym's last name consistently -- the difference between City of Chicago and Cook County. Aldermen are city employees. Judges are appointed by the county.

    2. TM, the alderman has open office hours. How did he respond to you when you asked him about your concerns?

  25. Hey there "Tim", do you vote? Have you ever voted? Have you ever noticed a ballot on election day that lists judges up for election? You, if you have ever bothered to pay attention, elect judges.

  26. Here's the real crux of the situation. When you have a high school graduation rate in the city that barely, barely hits 65% that's the problem.

    We can spend like crazy on schools, but ...

    if the parent cannot be held responsible for not sending their kids to school...

    if there is no leadership shown within individual communities by black leadership, hispanic leadership, white leadership regarding the benefits of a basic high school education...

    there is no constant and concerted effort on an area wide basis to get the message out that unless you want to be poor for the rest of your life -- get an education.

    Mother's against Drunk Driving (MADD) has successfully turned people's opinion against drunk driving. Heavy media campaigns. Where is the constant message about the need to send your kids to school and value the education. (And don't forget a GED just means you've managed finish minimal competencies-and not much else).

    Lester Maddox and the KKK no longer stand in front of the school house door preventing minority children from getting the education they deserve and have a right to. The only thing preventing these kids from getting an education are lazy parents or parents that never learned how to discipline their children.

    Every year there are drives for free school supplies at the beginning of the fall term. That's a nice thing to do. However, sometimes I wonder if everything is always free, do people value it? In my time my parents would not have bought themselves the latest smart phone if it meant I didn't have the school supplies I needed.

    I know my rant here will probably upset some of you. As taxpayers we can build all the schools or jails we want, but if there is no leadership and no ground gained on getting kids to succeed and finish high school, we will repeat this over and over again.

  27. Since this thread has deteriorated into insults and no one is even pretending to listen to each other, or even show concerned that a kid was shot in the head by someone who's still out there walking around, I'm turning the comments off now.