Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Razon Restaurant Under New Management

It came as a shock to us to hear that, just a few weeks after its first anniversary, Razon (4250 N Marine) announced that it is under new management.  Both its website and its Facebook page have this message:
Dear friends,
You may already have heard the news, but we wanted to take a moment to let you know that razon is now under new management.

We all have enjoyed our work & learning, an unforgettable experience overall @4250 N. Marine Dr.
Thank you for the support, guidance, and encouragement you have provided us during our time @razon.

Our amazing team members are working now @ Beograd Cafe (where it all begun at 2939 W. Irving Park Rd. - and we really love to see you there!

Please keep in touch! We can be reached at 773 478 7575
thank you again all for great support, engagement and good energy!
r a z ó n
Since the website has this message, we don't know anything about whether Razon is now operating, if it will keep the same name, or who is now managing it. Anyone know anything about the change?


  1. The grand opening under the new management was Monday night. Partner and I went down for dinner but it was a false start as they were only serving cocktails and finger food. The drink menu is the same...the dinner menu is new with several changes while retaining the original character. The new café hours will start an hour earlier beginning next week. I'll give a full report later.

  2. This place was great...hope it doesn't change too much.

    Our waitress told us to check out their other restaurant - which we have now twice. It's about California & Irving Park but worth the trip. Lots of traditional Serbian foods (definitely a more ethnic flare than Razon) and delicious. Nice sidewalk patio as well!

  3. Lots of bugs to work out...lots. Partner and I returned Wednesday for dinner. The "owner" has never been in the restaurant business before. She/they are trying so I'll withhold judgment.

  4. Yet another "temporary" food-service establishment at Imperial Towers! Restaurants and food stores have gone in and out of that space over the past couple decades. Maybe the lack of exterior signage encouraging non-residents to come in and check it out has something to do with this?
    Same thing was the case at 4343 Clarendon; restaurants/bars came and went every few years on the second floor, until the space was completely re-purposed.