Wednesday, June 26, 2013

City Council Committee Approves Zoning For 24-Unit Residential Building

We're hearing that on Tuesday, the Zoning Committee of the City Council passed without objection the proposal for 4520 N Beacon to be reverted to residential property, consisting of a 24-unit building.  It goes before the full Council today.

While it's not looking good for Friends of Hull House's bid to save the theater within the existing building, we would love to see Pegasus Players remain in Uptown, where they've been for so many years. 

Is it possible that a place could be found for them at Preston Bradley Center, a beautiful building which desperately needs tenants?  Or possibly in the theater at Truman College, where they were based for 25 years?  Maybe even the Annoyance Theater space, which will be vacant soon?  We love Pegasus, and know it's not the building where they perform that makes them special.


  1. Does anyone know whether these will be market rate apartments and what the prices will be like?