Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Buddhist Monk Procession On Wednesday Morning

A procession down Argyle Street last September
Rev. Patti of the Buddhist Temple of Chicago wanted us to let readers know that Wednesday morning, there will be a monks procession around Uptown.  "About 30 monks from Quang Minh Temple at Damen and Montrose will be walking in a procession through Uptown, stopping at Chua Truc Lam on Wilson and Ashland, then our place The Buddhist Temple of Chicago (Leland and Broadway), then to Wat Phrasri-ratana-mahadhatu on Racine and Lawrence, and will end up on Argyle.

They are doing an ancient Buddhist custom of monks paying an annual visit to neighboring temples. Anyone is welcome to watch them pay respects at each temple and donations are appreciated from lay followers."


  1. Is this happening at a particular time?

  2. This must be part of the Buddha's Birthday celebration.

  3. A year or so ago I was sitting in the Just Tires on Broadway and I saw a procession of monks walk by. I have to say, it was an incredibly beautiful and even spiritual experience that immediately lifted me out of the tedium associated with dealing with my flat tire. I was sorry I didn't have a camera with me until I realized it was probably better to just stay in the moment and soak in the experience. :)

  4. I've stayed at the Wat on Racine before, they usually walk after breakfast around 7:45 or 8