Friday, May 17, 2013

Stop, Thieves!

Sounds like some of the same crew who stole a bike tire earlier this month and were caught by the cops have returned to their thieving ways.  A reader had an experience tonight that sounds similar to one reported a couple weeks ago.  Be alert if you park your bike in Uptown.  The previous post has some good tips in the comments.  Here's tonight's story:

"I just had a scary and fortunate situation at Buena and Sheridan with two bike thieves that have been seen in the area before. My bike was parked on the street for a few hours at Sheridan and Buena and when I left my house I saw two Hispanic guys walking with a really nice bike wheel in their hand. My wheel.

I grabbed it back out of their hands and they ran off. I called the police but the guys were gone, heading north on Broadway towards Montrose.

Be on the lookout for these two guys: 2 Hispanic men, one small, the other very large. The large guy has a shaved head and thin goatee. He has broad shoulders and was wearing a brown zip-up hooded sweatshirt and shorts. The smaller guy had short greasy hair, a white shirt with stripes and pants. Be on the lookout for this bastard odd couple."


  1. I use a U-Lock through my frame and front tire and one of these through the front and back tires -

    I know Uptown Bikes sells these, so you can support a local business while keeping your bike safe!

  2. I caught a guy doing the same thing @ Buena and Hazel about 4-6 weeks ago ago. He was hispanic male, highly intoxicated, babbling incoherent. I yelled at him " What the f*ck ?) He dropped the tire in a yard, which I was able to return to the owner several days later. I reported this to 911, however beat 1915 was not able to do much considering he was empty handed at that point. This guy is a head case, use caution if you should encounter him.

  3. People need a U lock in the back through the frame & back wheel. In the front use a cable & loop it through the U-lock. It is quite easy to walk off with a front wheel that uses quick releases. The vagrants will steal anything.

  4. I just had my bike stolen yesterday in Andersonville, right in front of Hopleaf, where that red bike parking station is put up. Middle of the day, people everywhere. No one noticed. It was there for about an hour while I was getting my hair cut at Robert Jeffrey. I came out and my bike was gone. On the plus side, they left my helmet! Gee thanks! if anyone sees a white KHS Flight 220 wandering around...jump the fools and steal it back :).

    It's really unfortunate and the worst part is having worked so hard to buy my first half way decent bike in the city, and it lasted just about a year. Disgusting.

  5. Yes. the other night at approximately 7:30 or 8:00 PM, a group of 8 juveniles broke into our condo complex on Windsor. One jumped over our spiked fence in the front, opened up the iron gate door, let the others into the property, and were trying to steal a bicycle that was locked up inside the property. Luckily, the owner spotted them b/c of commotion. He confronted them and tried to get a good look at them. The police were informed, but I do not know what has come of their search.