Saturday, April 13, 2013

Solemn Oath Taproom Considering Uptown Location

A Facebook reader saw this on Eater Chicago:

"Naperville-based Solemn Oath is scouting for locations with a 2014 opening in mind, according to brewery president John Barley. The concept will focus on the tavern/taproom aspect, serving their full variety of Belgian-inspired ales, heheweizens, IPAs and bitters, plus occasional guest drafts. Hoping for a location in Uptown or West Town, among a few others, the culture of their Naperville taproom and brewery will be present wherever they end up."

We can think of a lot of outstanding locations here, all with loads of character and in historic buildings:  the former TCF Bank on Wilson; the former Kinetic Playground on Lawrence; the former Borders right by the Riviera; and (as our reader suggests) the lobby of the Bridgeview Bank Building.  All are walking distance to the upcoming Uptown Entertainment District and the Red Line.

Here's hoping the Chamber promotes the hell out of Uptown to Solemn Oath's owners, and that we see them here in 2014.


  1. This seems like it could be a good addition to Uptown! The prices of the imported beers will attract the right crowd & keep the 7AM drinkers away. Sadly, I could see them opening up further North in Edgewater or even Rogers Park. Let's hope for the best.

  2. Solemn Oath makes great beer and would be a welcome addition. There is such a strong beer culture up north, but you generally have to leave central Uptown to get at it (e.g., Hopleaf, Fountainhead, Bad Apple, Half Acre, et alia). A gastropub in this neighborhood could really benefit not just from the locals, but from the folks that are imported to the neighborhood via music venues, target customers, cubs games and the new El project (particularly if located off Broadway).

  3. I would love to see this in the neighborhood - especially in an appropriate re-use of one of several great suggestions for locations!

    And really, "brewery president John Barley"? Vice presidents, Mike Hops and Steve Yeast? Talk about a job finding you!

  4. I think the vacant Borders would be the perfect location for your new location. We would welcome you with open arms.
    I sure hope this happens and that their followed by many other new restaurants and businesses to the area.

  5. So long as they are aware that the police won't do anything about the vandalism that just might happen to their place should they open in Uptown. But it would be nice to have yet another place to buy alcohol in the neighborhood, a pleasure we are sorely lacking.