Saturday, April 13, 2013

A Visit With Alma

It's not our usual practice at Uptown Update to promote businesses in the west suburbs, but if you're out near Streamwood, we recommend stopping in at Beef Kabob.  Why?  One word: Alma.

A reader recently sent us these photos and post about a trip to Beef Kabob:

"I thought your readers might like to hear about what Alma from the former Alma Pita is up to now.  I was a regular customer when she was in Uptown, love their falafels!  It was sad when the new owner took over and the food didn't measure up.  I was happy to read on UU that Alma had a new restaurant in Streamwood.

I went out to visit a friend who lives near there, so we decided to stop by and have an early dinner.  Alma remembered me and was so surprised I had come out to eat there.  Beef Kabob is in a strip mall on Lake Street west of Barrington Road.  It looks very similar to Alma Pita!  Even the Cedars of Lebanon logo on the menu is the same!  It's about twice as big as Alma Pita was, with a lot of seating.

Alma told me that she has lived in that area for years and that it was an hour drive each way to Uptown.  Alma Pita was open until 9 at night, so she was spending all her time traveling or at the store.  When she had a chance to sell the business and open one closer to home, she decided to do it.

My friend is a vegan and it's hard for her to find something to eat when we go out, so she was really happy to find a lot of vegetarian options at Beef Kabob.  The name had made her doubt there would be anything for her there, but she ended up loving it, just as much as I did.  Since it was Alma's cooking, I enjoyed my falafel plate and got an extra order to take home.

Alma said her son has recently moved to this country from Lebanon and will be helping her with the store.  I don't get out to the suburbs very often, but I will be going to eat at Alma's new place as often as I can.  I would urge your readers who enjoyed eating Alma Pita to drop by and have some really tasty food at the same reasonable prices that were found here in Uptown."

Beef Kabob is located at 5034 N Valley Lane in Streamwood (corner of Lake) and the phone number is 630-289-2877.

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  1. I always wondered was the Indian guy at Alma Pita her husband? I always thought it was a curious mix, an Indian manager and Arab cook/owner. Nothing wrong with that.

    They made a few critical mistakes with Alma Pita. The design of the counter is was like you were talking to a bank teller it was so well protected. Food was just overpriced...and they (at least used to)forced you to pay for potato chips and pop as they were included with sandwiches. I eat Middle Eastern food precisely because I don't want crap processed foods.

    Look how well Taste of Lebanon or Sultan's Market do to understand the huge demand for Middle Eastern food. Shame that alma pita couldn't get it right. Alma always seemed like such a nice lady. Not so much the Indian guy (sorry don't know his name).