Friday, April 12, 2013

Congratulations, Pecking Order

Pecking Order was named to Chicago Magazine's list of Ten Best New Budget Restaurants.  From the May issue:

Best Budget Chicken: Pecking Order
4416 N. Clark St., 773-907-9900, Uptown
All chicken, all the time — grilled, roasted, or fried — keeps people coming back. The flavors of the Philippines make meals special; homey presentations and a picnicky vibe put diners at ease. A half chicken with off-the-husk grilled sweet corn and Mom’s Pickles ($12.95) satisfies big appetites. Sandwiches like the Country Bird ($9) are another way to go. Don’t miss boozy Lean Back punch.


  1. I find this comical. It's not "budget" at all. I went for brunch and got 2 eggs on 1 bun with 2 slices of bacon for $9. I can think of many brunch locations with better atmosphere that would have been much cheaper, or included a side.

  2. I have to agree--I spent $16 on four pieces of tiny, dry, nearly burned fried chicken with hardly any flavor and no sides. I'm usually not a hard to please diner, but I came away from this experience MAD, I was so disappointed. I could have had four large, well-cooked, tasty pieces of chicken at Harold's just down the street for half the price.

  3. I feel the need to counter the previous comments with some positivity.

    I always get their roasted chicken, and a 1/2 chicken plus two small sides is plenty for two people (comes to about $20 total). The chicken has always been juicy, delicious, and flavorful every time I have come here. Their sauces are incredible and I always find myself squirting some in a spoon while I wait for the food (shhhh).

    If all you want is greasy fried chicken, yeah, go to Harold's. But if you want unique flavors and food made with care, go to Pecking Order.

    I agree that they have some work to do on their brunch menu, but this place is still fairly new but also totally open to and eager for feedback (I had to give some the first time I went, and they appreciated it). If you don't enjoy your experience in a restaurant, tell them while you are there - passive aggressively posting about it elsewhere isn't all that helpful for a local business. They need the feedback, and would also probably comp a portion of your meal.

  4. We're big fans of Pecking Order, but it can be wildly inconsistent. When done well, it's a great value but not cheap. We dine in often and it's usually wonderful and $50 for dinner for two with cocktails (try the Happy Manhattan) feels like a steal for what you get.

    I do hope that get it together and consistently offer that experience. Last time we ordered in, the chicken was dried out and the "bowl of good stuff" was light on the stuff. We called to let them know and they offered to comp an appetizer next time we come in. They probably should have refunded the order, but it won't stop us from going back.

  5. It's not at all "passive aggressive" to share my legitimate opinion on a dining experience with UU readers. I already shared with the restaurant; now I'm sharing here. Either look "passive aggressive" up in the dictionary or acknowledge I simply don't agree with your assessment of PO's quality.