Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Shots Fired Last Night South of Truman College

Last night around 10:30, a lot of Uptowners had their windows open on a warm spring night.  Then shots rang out.  Reports came in from all over Uptown, but it turned out that it all happened in the area around Sunnyside/Magnolia.  We have no reports that anyone was hit.  An EMT unit was dispatched, but then returned to the fire station.  Cops were on the scene quickly, and enough witnesses called 911 that descriptions of the shooters got out to the police (and us) pretty fast:
  • "A light gray/green van with white driver's side door was speeding down the alley behind Truman. Police are now on the scene."
  • "The shots came from Sunnyside and the alley between Truman College and Magnolia Avenue. As 911 answered, a gray mini-van sped down the alley behind Magnolia Ave. and continued down the alley across Wilson and down to Leland or Lawrence.  I did get the plate number and gave it to the 911 dispatcher."
Yup, drive-by shooters in soccer mom cars.  This is the joy of living in an area with gangs.   Stay on the lookout for suspicious behavior; call 911 if you see anything that looks odd (and tell the dispatcher you are in an area that has had recent gang shooting activity); be a witness if you can without putting yourself in danger; and most important, take every precaution to keep yourself safe.

The next CAPS meeting for the area including Sunnyside and Magnolia is next Tuesday, May 7th, 7pm, at Truman College.

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  1. Dorothy Tucker cbs2 is looking for anyone who saw last night's shootout. email me dmtucker@cbs.com. Thanks.