Thursday, April 25, 2013

Shermain Miles To Remain In Prison (For Now)

Another day, another chapter in the ongoing dilemma about what to do about someone with 396 arrests and no apparent willingness to change.

Tuesday, the Parole Board had decided "to see if Miles is eligible for a specialized mental health court that likely would require intense supervision," according to the Sun-Times.

Wednesday, it was discovered that Ms. Miles had taken part in that very program last year — and flunked out.

So, due to several arrests during her probation, Ms. Miles is back to prison awaiting trial on new charges.  She was ordered today to take a BCX — the same mental fitness exam that she refused to take earlier this year.

According to the Sun-Times, "[Parole Board Chairman Adam] Monreal and [Cook County ASA Kevin] Sobczyk said they haven’t entirely given up on finding a suitable solution — besides incarceration — for Miles."

Stay tuned.


  1. I think the bigger failure is the Cook County criminal justice system.

  2. The justice system is an extension of the electing public. It is the voting public of Cook county that should be viewed as the failure:

    "Since the 1960s, there have been 14 judges that have not been retained in Cook County. So in general, judges are always – or nearly always – retained. Because in Cook County while there have been 14 that have not been retained throughout the history of our retention process, there have been no judges that have been not retained since 1990.”


  3. Obviously, she's mentally ill and I have tons of sympathy for that. But if she cannot/will not cooperate in getting treatment and she will not/cannot stay out of trouble, she needs to be locked up.

  4. Let's talk less about this one mental healthcare victim and talk more about why Cappleman shuts down any opposition to his TIF handouts:

  5. ChiTownPhilly... Lets not and lets keep the focus on mental patients running amock and threatening and harming innocent residents. Keep the focus on the innocent for a change.. although I know you and your band of merry anarchists, some of which are now sitting in jail, would prefer not to do...

  6. CTP, your patron saint, Helen of Craptown, started all these TIFS. Cappleman inherited them. Please to not let facts get in the way of your diatribes..LOL

  7. And it would be good to remember, CTP, that your buddy Helen *NEVER* allowed the public in general and the property tax payers of the TIF districts in particular to have any say in the TIFs. I lost track of how many times she "announced" her decisions on how TIFs would be written and drawn, how the money would be spent, which of her buddies the money would be spent on, sudden unannounced changes by ordinances that she rammed through without hearings--ONLY to benefit those who she decided on her own should get our tax money with no strings and no accountability. You have an issue with a TIF that you live in, then bring it up to Cappleman--at least he will hear out reasoned arguments. And if you DON'T live in the TIF district in question, STFU. It isn't your money and you SHOULDN'T have anything to say about it.

  8. It was Clarendon Park Neighbors who worked with Helen and Sedgwick to get the TIF established. Isn't that your VERY OWN block Club, ChiTown Philly? Where was Marc Kaplan protesting when his own beloved Helen was ramming it through against community wishes? Was he screaming "We do not approve!!!!" from the back of meeting rooms then, as he did the other night? Where were you, ChiTown Philly, when your own block club wanted a dog park and was willing to sell its soul to the TIF Devil to get one?

    If you don't like the TIF, you should have spoken up then when Saint Helen, Sedgwick Developers, and your own block club were setting it up AGAINST COMMUNITY OPINION on 2010. Because I was registering my disapproval then. So were my neighbors. Didn't do any good and Helen put it through anyway. We're stuck with it now. So you and Marc Kaplan are a little late to the party. Talk to Helen and your block club about your complaints, mmmkay?

  9. Let's not forget that Chitown Philly thinks it's "creative" to loiter in a fast food restaurant and hassle people for money all day:

    It takes very little brainpower to hang around to sponge off others, at least a cat or a dog will at least pretend to love you instead of bolting off to get more drugs afterwards.