Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Annoying! Uptown Theater Company To Move Out

It was just a year and two days ago that UU reported that the Annoyance Theater was looking for new digs outside of Uptown.

Now, sadly, the other shoe has dropped and it's been confirmed that the company will be moving to a bigger space in Lakeview.  You can read their reasons here.

But it's also been reported that Pegasus Players, who recently moved to Hull House after losing their long-time space at Truman College a few years ago, may be looking for a new home now that the Hull House property has been bought.  Could the Pegasus Players end up on Broadway?  We like it!

1 comment:

  1. While I will be sad to see "The Annoyance" and "Coed Prison Sluts" leave Uptown, from a business standpoint I don't think Uptown was a good "fit" for them.

    They really rely on that Friday/Saturday post collegiate drinking crowd and that crowd is much more likely to be found in Lakeview than Uptown.

    Personally if I were Mick Napier, and I'm not because I'm taller and much funnier looking, I would have tried to find something a bit further north than Belmont on Clark Street, but he has to go where the property is available.

    As for the winged horse theater there are plenty of options in Uptown or nearby north Lakeview for them to continue their fine series of plays.

    I don't think they'll be "homeless", if they are email Mark Brown immediately and he can do a series of columns. Throw in some pigeons too!