Sunday, February 10, 2013

Pie Hole Pizza Makes It Official

They played coy for a while, but now they've made it official:

Pie Hole Pizza will be opening its second location and have chosen Uptown, at 5001 N Clark Street, at Argyle.

Projected opening date is sometime in April.

The storefront was home to Winston's Internet Cafe for a while, but when Winston's closed, it was remodeled and rehabbed.  Rumors had it that Chipotle would be going in, but that didn't happen, and Uptown Update posted back in November that Pie Hole was a possible new tenant.

After some hemming and hawing, owner Doug Brandt admitted it was more than a possibility and started a crowdsourcing campaign to bring Pie Hole to the new location.  Must have been a success, because it's official.

We are very excited about Pie Hole coming to Uptown and can't wait to dig into our first slice sometime around the start of the baseball season.


  1. Clark Street north of Montrose is rapidly improving.

    The improvement is coming north from Montrose and south from Foster.

    It would be nice if the owners of the wholesale stores properties would develop them one at a time with at least four stories of residences above and commercial on the ground floor.

    That way those of you who like cheap knockoff goods could still buy there and the FBI and Customs could be kept busy busting the store owners.

    It's a TWOfer.

    Seriously it would be nice if some of those properties got developed with some residential above. We need more lovely residents in our fine soon to be crime and pigeon free neighborhood. Some of the newer construction on Clark is actually borderline good looking and an asset to the community.

    Trust me as an "ass" I know assets.

  2. There is a 24 hr auto repair shop on Clark just north of Lawrence. It seems odd that they are open all night & see shady people lingering around there. Mr. Pirate, otherwise I agree the area is improving.

  3. The 24 hour auto shop and several others in the area cater to taxis, who need round-the-clock quick repair. They also work for regular cars. I may be one of the shady people you see AmericanLT.

  4. americanlt, perhaps you don't know the neighborhood. I think you're referring to the area around Clark and Argyle--which isn't "just" north of Lawrence. Lincoln Towing is there, along with the garages, and people who got towed from private lots all over the north side in the middle of the night are there in their "out on the town" gear, trying to get their cars out of hock. You're slipping.

  5. Yeah those auto shops cater to the taxi market they also rent taxis, some of the people you see hanging out might be licensed livery drivers waiting for a taxi to be returned so they can go out and earn an honest living.