Sunday, February 10, 2013

African Eats

The Tribune has an article on six African restaurants to try, and three of the six are in Uptown:
  • Iyanze. "West African flair" is the slogan at this Uptown restaurant, Bolat's more casual sibling. Service is cafeteria style, and staring up at the crowded chalkboard menu can seem daunting: So many choices. Fortunately, a very enthusiastic employee behind the counter brightens things up with her can-do, c'mon-and-try-it demeanor. 4623 N. Broadway St., 773-944-1417. Lunch, dinner daily;
  •  Nigerian Kitchen. The take-out menu of this casual Nigerian restaurant on Uptown's Wilson Avenue promises to bring "people together for an experience that starts with great food." The staff is quietly proud of its cooking and culture: Photographs of African Nobel laureates hang on the walls, and there's a large community room in the back for community parties. 1363 W. Wilson Ave., 773-271-4010. Lunch, dinner daily. 
  • Palace Gate Restaurant. Located in a small Uptown strip mall, this Ghanaian restaurant is informal, brightly lit and, judging by the posters advertising phone cards to Africa, clearly a community gathering spot. Our server pretty much takes over the ordering, assembling plates spun off a "Red Red" theme, "Red Red" being the name of popular dish in Ghana involving stewed beans and fried plantains.  4548 N. Magnolia Ave., 773-769-1793
You can read the entire article here, with an additional shout-out to Bolat, Iyanze's big sister.

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  1. I would love any reader input on these places. I've of course tried Demera, but venturing out to new eats outside of the well known/usual comfort zone sometimes takes a bit more motivation. Any suggestions, experiences or ?must-try's?" And not on this list but one I walk by often - anyone been to B&Q Afro Root Cuisine on Kenmore and Leland?