Saturday, February 2, 2013

Best Chicago Bars? Five Are Right Here

Chicago Magazine's February issue has a story on the best 100 bars in Chicago, and five of them are in Uptown.  In no particular order:
  • Green Mill,
    4802 N Broadway
    (Best Bars for Music)
  • Big Chicks,
    5024 N Sheridan
    (Best LGBT Bars)
  • Carol's Pub,
    4659 N Clark
    (Best Dives)
  • T's Bar & Restaurant,
    5025 N Clark
    (Best LGBT Bars)
  • Hopleaf,
    5148 N Clark
    (Best Craft Beer Havens) 
You can see the whole list here, including an interactive map.


  1. I also think Fat Cat is a great bar.

  2. Is there no category for best LGBT sports bar? If there was, Crew would have to be at the top of that list.

  3. Rogers Park was not included in this article somehow. We have tons of great bars up here.

  4. How about just a plain CONGRATS to to awesome bars in our neighborhood who made the list!?! Any mention can only be a positive thing for bringing more business to Uptown... And I'm pretty excited that we dominated the LGBT list, considering all the contenders!

  5. CREW BAR on Broadway & Lawrence is the Best Bar in Uptown.

  6. I can't believe that Carol's Pub is best at anything. I visited once (and never again) last summer when the whole place smelled like a public toilet and was facing deadlines to comply with the health department's requirements. Is calling it the best dive similar to labeling North Korea the best dictatorship?

  7. Carols Pub has become over priced & is seemed as "cool" by the hipsters going there after 2AM. In the morning when it opens it's filled with the local winos. Also, I believe that manager there has made Uptown Update headlines a few times.

  8. But, americanlt, what ARE their prices? What are their rack whiskey, vodka, and tequila? And do they short-pour?!? Most importantly, when are your regular hours there, and do you tip the bartenders well, even when you are drunk yourself?

  9. I've never understood the infatuation with Big Chicks either other than it's one of the few, if only, places to go in the general vicinity.

    Wanna talk about health code violations? What I saw scurrying around the vodka bottles one night was enough to make me never step foot in there again.

    A few of the bartenders, one in particular, are probably the most sincere and best I've experienced anywhere but not enough to keep me coming back.

    The clientele especially (which made made me coin the term "Chicago flaketard" - there are some real winners of the bar fly genre there), getting chased to a cab by the "local vibe", the aforementioned serious problem = NO. It's another place you have no idea what you may be walking into on any given night. Once the clientele hanging out front prompted me to ask the door guy "This isn't one of those 3rd Thursday of the month things is it?". "No, but I certainly understand your concern", was his reply.

    At least that boarded up building across the street is now vacant. What crept out of there was a real treat as well. Now if they could do something with that place that has been boarded up next door for YEARS.......depressing all around. Sorry, I tried to pick out some positives but they just don't outweigh the negatives.

    I also have no idea how you can label Crew as an LGBT anything. Like many Chicago supposed gay establishments, they take on what/whoever they can for a $. You never know WHAT the clientele is, or will be, there on any given night either. The head bangers ball concert afterglow? Project Runway or sports on the TV's? Live drag show or sports? If I want to be patronized by a bunch of straight couples or supposed LGBT business owners/workers, I'll just go to a straight bar! They usually have more character and are more fun anyway. P.S. Look what's happening to "Boystown".

  10. Uptown Lounge is considered to be an excellent Rogers Park area bar.

    What do you guys think?
    Metromix has posted this twice and I did a post on it awhile back. (jan 24th) (dec 29th)

  11. I agree with Green Mill and Hopleaf being on the list.

    T's is okay they have expanded north into Rogers Park with the Glenwood Bar and SideCar's and the Morsel restaurant.

    Haven't ventured into Carol's Pub.