Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Update On Friday's Shootings & Community Meeting

From Ald. Osterman in an email blast Tuesday:

"As a follow-up to the shootings this past weekend, three individuals were taken into custody immediately following the homicide on the 5000 block of N. Winthrop. These individuals remain in custody as the investigation is ongoing and progressing. One of these individuals was apprehended hours after the shooting by the 24th District after a carjacking occurred near Ardmore and Kenmore.

I have been in contact with both Mayor Emanuel and Superintendent McCarthy about the recent shootings and have asked their assistance with the reoccurring gang violence. They have assured me of their assistance, and our community will continue to receive additional gang and tactical units to address the violence.

The Police are continuing to investigate leads on the shooting that occurred on the 5200 block of N. Winthrop and if anyone has information relating to the shooting, please contact our office at 773-784-5277 or Area North Detectives at 312-744-8261.

Additionally, yesterday I met with Mercy Housing, the owner of the building where the shooting occurred, to discuss improving safety measures. They have committed to improving the security in and around their building and my office will continue to work to improve the safety on that block with Mercy Housing, the Police and residents.

I hope you will join me and Commander Jones on Thursday, December 13 at 7:00pm at Goudy School for a community meeting. We continue to build our new neighborhood block representatives program and if you are interested in getting involved, please contact Jared Desecki at or 773-784-5277."


  1. A joke of a response. Can't wait to make this guy a one termer.

  2. What do you want the guy to do? Put on his Caped Crusader outfit and patrol the ward by night? He's voted for more cops on the streets, he's arranged for more cops on a temporary basis, he's meeting with the building where the shootings happened, he's facing the community. He's got a brand new South Side police commander who with gang experience. What more can he do to not be a "joke" in your estimation?

  3. That is an AMAZING response, Alek!!!! I read it in a Dirty Harry 'tough guy' voice, "Can't wait to make this guy a one termer."

    And what...pull from the teeming pool of other candidates who are chomping at the bit to assume the lucrative position and fame of an Uptown Alderman? Not going to happen.

    Seek another Alderman who spends more time paying attention to the issues, regardless of whether or not you like what comes of it (even if it may only be a meeting/meeting minutes)? Not going to happen either!

    Please let me know what low cost, gorgeous, no crime, full of resources and happiness, grass is greener neighborhood you live in within the immediate city - there's a couple million people in the city who would love to hear about it!

  4. I don't think the Alderman or the police have or can have any real control over "gang Violence".

    Gun control laws could help a little bit, making it harder and more expensive to buy guns.

    Subsidized housing placed equally in all parts of the city woud help.

    Those are about the only two issues which the alderman could even approach doing something about. And they are not welcome issues.

    Shootings usually take place from cars, not on foot. So stopping people on the street doesn't do much good because they won't be carrying.

    It's difficult.

    Improving the infrastructure in Uptown, like the Wilson L, just in appearance has a much bigger impact and it's entirely indirect.