Saturday, December 1, 2012

Red Letter Day: Red Line Lawrence Reopens

Lost last night in all the commotion:  Something very good happened.

After six weeks of restoration and rehab, the Lawrence Red Line station reopened.  According to the workers there, there are still some touch-ups to be done, and we can't wait for the pigeon netting to go up, since those feathered fiends are already making themselves at home in the newly painted peach rafters.

No more prison camp chain link fence!  Huzzah!

We couldn't take any more photos than the three above, since the security guard was already being kind enough to ignore us blatantly breaking the CTA rules about flash photography, but if you'd like to see more, please go to CTA Station Watch's Lawrence Facebook page, or to the CTA's Flickr page (go to the end to see the most recent photos).

Two down (mostly) -- Argyle and Lawrence. 

Next up:  the biggie, the Grand Kahuna, the Godfather of Uptown Transit.... Wilson in the spring.


  1. Progress! Thanks go out to the CTA and the CTA employees for their hard work and speedy completion. It looks great!

  2. What's this about flash photography?

  3. It wasn't the CTA that did the work. It was private contractors. That's what I was told by a worker there who said if the CTA were doing this it would take years.

    Of course this is Rahms idea to privatize everything and that's just wonderful except that the cost is probably triple what the CTA would do and it's really more political than economical to use private contractors who charge exponentially higher than city workers.

    I'm sure the CTA could have done this, they have done it before.

  4. Can anyone tell me why the other stations like Argyle and Berwyn are getting nice solid concrete platforms with concrete reinforced support beams, yet Lawrence is rebuilt with the wooden platform that will be weathered and rotting again in time?

  5. Does anybody know if they added an elevator?

  6. TEGAN3, I think it was explained that the track supports change from the beams to concrete right at the Lawrence station. The beams on the south end can't support concrete platforms, but the concrete on the north end can support more substantial platforms. So stations to the north of Lawrence are getting the solid platforms.

  7. I was wondering the same thing. It seems that different stations received different upgrades.

  8. You might want to visit this link:

  9. Another useful explanation can be found at:

  10. But I enjoyed being mildly afraid each morning and evening for the past six weeks using the Wilson stop. You're saying I have to go back to Lawrence? No fun.

  11. Stu Piddy, do you enjoy making facts up about Private Sector vs. union b.s. or this just a random I missed my meds kind of comment?

  12. Tangent question: Do we know the latest on Sheridan? I know that because it requires such an extensive rebuild, coupled with removing the S-curve it is a separate project but was still wondering. Do we know how they are planning to remove the bend? I know on the south end the bar under the tracks went out of business so I figured the city might use eminent domain to build on that location. Thoughts?

    I know the location of the station itself is still a contentious issue.

  13. UR,

    last thing I recall about the Sheridan stop was posted here by the locals who went to the CTA meeting.

    I refuse to hyperlink because it's sixty plus degrees and I need to be outside.

  14. One thing I found interesting years ago is how Tom Tunney, Lakeview alderman and restaurant owner, bought the lot between the alley and EL structure on Irving Park.

    What's he call it?

    Ann Sather Park?

    That makes me inclined to believe he had some knowledge that the EL stop MIGHT be put north of Irving at that point.

    That would be a great location for a restaurant if the stop were rebuilt N of Irving or the entrance were just moved in that general direction.

    Pure speculation on my part.

  15. Outside contractors always have done the construction work on CTA properties. CTA is a transportation agency, not a construction company, and has no expertise in this area.

    It really has nothing to do with
    Rahm's drive to privatize everything.

  16. I would also guess that the reason that Lawrence got such a shabby rehab compared to the other stations is because it will be closed forever when the Wilson gets its grand rebuild.

    That is my guess.