Friday, November 30, 2012

Shots Fired At Winona & Winthrop,
Three Shot, One Fatally

We're not sure exactly what's going on, but it's not good.

At around 8pm, there were shots fired and injuries in Edgewater, just north of Uptown.  "6-8 shots fired around 8 PM Friday evening.  One carried by fellow felons to Berwyn L stop.  Other injured picked up by EMS around 5230 N Winthrop.  Drug dealing is an issue around 5240 and 5230 buildings on Winthrop."  We forwarded that information to the Edgeville Buzz since it happened in their coverage area, not ours.

But in what may be retribution for that first shooting, we are now getting reports of multiple shots fired at Winthrop and Winona, in the 5000 block of Winthrop.  A reader says "Crime scenes, police and ambulances at both mid block of 5000 block of Winthrop and in front of and in the park adjacent to Goudy School."

The reader who sent in this photo says:  "At least a half-dozen shots fired at 9:25pm, police responded 2.5 minutes after I called 911. Looks like it happened halfway between Winona and Argyle on Winthrop. Loaded someone in to an ambulance, not sure what else happened."

If anyone has any updates, please put them in the comments.

Update:  And now it just got really bad.  A reader says:  "Just saw SWAT running south.  It looks like there are casualties at the SRO in the mid 5000 block of Winthrop.  The police pulled out a bag and someone on a stretcher.   That makes me really sad.  The people who live in that building are victims who are taken advantage of by the bangers and used as mules."

Update:  According to the Tribune, three men were shot and all are in critical condition.   They include a 22-year-old and a man in his 30s.  The Tribune's story is here.

Update:  The Broken Heart of Rogers Park has information on both, and possibly a third, shooting, at the Foremost Liquors on Argyle.

Update:  The crime scene has turned into a murder scene.  According to the Sun-Times, one of the three men shot on the 5000 block of Winthrop has succumbed to his injuries.  "A 46-year-old man was shot in the thigh, abdomen and buttocks, and later died at the hospital, police said.  A 32-year-old man was shot in the knee and ankle, police said. The third man, 29, was shot in the knee, abdomen and shoulder."


  1. EMS pulled someone out of Foremost Liquors on Argyle. Not sure if he went into store shot or was shot in store.

  2. Two people taken out at SRO. One was talking and seemed to be on OK shape. Other was too far away for me to tell, but they were rushed away.

  3. Four shot in Edgewater.

  4. This happened in front of my building 5231 and we don't have drug activity in these buildings, we are completed taped off and still secured, the shootings happened at Berwyn and at 5230/31 Winthrop then the GDs, with one shoot in the stomach ran all over the place, heading towards Argyle. The police were on our proerty with swat guns, I called police between the 3rrd and 6tth shot the police were here in 2 minutes. This is due to the work the police and Alderman have put in place.

  5. When are thouse shooting going
    to stop

  6. I find it strange that the people who were shot were older. They are not teens. Though some older people are in gangs, usually it's not that many.

    All these shootings shouldn't be called gang related automatically as if the people being killed are not that important.

    I wonder who was it that was shot.

    I believe that often gang bangers shoot people just for the kick of it, frivolously , on the assumption they may be in a rival gang. It's a badge of badness, for the shooter.

    It's not always because of some drug deal. It's just stupid stuff.

    But older people being shot, sends a flag up.

  7. I have had enough of shooting and gangs. We are moving back to my old neighborhood in bridgeport by the Italian Club where the neighbors are not afraid tio do anything that is needed to make sure it is safe and stays that way. If you don`t belong there then stay the hell out of it. Good luck to all those that continue to live in fear in Uptown.....

  8. Stu Piddy, maybe it's poor aim and they hit the customers instead of the dealers.

  9. LOL, it looks like someone is still around, using a new name------> Nickey Scarfono