Friday, November 30, 2012

Sad Follow-Up To A Previous Story

We are terribly saddened to report that Wayne Davis, the 87-year-old gentleman who was struck by a drunk driver at Lawrence and Broadway on November 9th, has passed away.

Mr. Davis died Thursday evening at the hospice at which he had been staying.

Many UU readers wrote to tell us that they knew him, either by recognizing him as a regular at the Pancake House, or having him as a neighbor (most recently at Friendly Towers on Wilson), or simply by exchanging small talk and letting him pet their dogs, as he was in the habit of doing.

Mr. Davis's friends at JPUSA, who visited him often during his hospitalization, tell us that his condition remained guarded.  We had hoped for his recovery, but that's not the hand that was dealt.

The driver who hit him, Michael Izeta, had been charged with felony DUI resulting in serious injury, and cited with striking a pedestrian, running a red light, and driving without insurance or a driver’s license. We imagine the charges will be increased with Mr. Davis's passing.  Essentially, two lives ended with Mr. Izeta's decision to get behind the wheel while under the influence.

Our deepest sympathies to everyone who knew Wayne Davis.  It's a tragedy.


  1. My name is Larry Thompson and Wayne Eugene Davis and I were roommates together from 2005 to 2008 at his place 913 W Lawrence Ave. He was the kindest man you would ever meet. Happy and cheerful and used a vocabulary from the 1920s which made him eccentric. Wayne grew on my psyche and we stayed in contact upto the end of last year. I always meant to go see him again at The Jesus People where he resided after moving from the apartment. I am so sad to hear of the occurrence as his health in general was fantastic and he would of made it to 100 easy. God rest in peace Sir Wayne.