Saturday, December 1, 2012

More Details Emerge On Friday Night's Shootings and Murder

Ald. Osterman has released a statement on last night's violence:

"Last night two separate shootings occurred in our community. On the 5200 block of Winthrop, around 8:15pm, a victim was shot in what is believed to be a drug-related crime. A second and unrelated shooting occurred around 9:25pm on the 5000 block on Winthrop. This incident was gang-related and three individuals were shot, one fatally.

Chicago Police have two individuals in custody related to the second shooting and the guns have been recovered. Both shootings are under investigation and additional police units have been assigned to patrol our community.

My office will provide more information on these shootings on Monday. If anyone has information related to the crimes please email my office at or call the Area North violent crimes unit at 312-744-8261. I want to thank the community members who called the police last night upon hearing gunshots and the police for responding so quickly."

There's further information in the Tribune, DNAinfo, and Edgeville Buzz.

Our sympathies to those who knew and loved the shooting victim, Aswell Selmon, age 46.


  1. Alderman Osterman is blowing smoke up all your rumps. I emailed him this morning, knowing more than he thinks I do. The SOB who runs the 48th ward blew me off, as he alsways does.

    For shits and giggles google the name Rashawn Selmon.

    Heck. even I'll help you.

    Check all the mugshots?

    I'm guessing the poor man got shot because of his son's illegal and gunplay activites. Rashawn was arrested on Oct. 22, 2012 for aggrivated assault and now being held in cook county jail for a weapons charges for an arrest on 11/20/2012. I'm guessing the City of Chicaog case number is HV#57036

    No one shots a 46 year old man for nothing.

  2. lol @ calling them unrelated but admitting they held something very major in common...sounds pretty related to me. Osterman is a clown.

  3. What happens to these criminals? Do they go to trial and to jail or are they let go?