Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Up Close And Personal At
The Uptown Broadway Building

photo copyrighted by DesignSlinger

The architecture history blog, DesignSlinger, which took an admiring look at Bridgeview Bank a few weeks ago, has now turned its attention to the beauty of the Uptown Broadway Building.  Above is one of several amazing photos they took of the monument to architectural excess located at Leland and Broadway.  Check it all out here.  There's a short history of the UBB, too.  (Walter Alschlanger, who designed the Sheridan Plaza, also did the UBB.)

Probably a good time to think good thoughts about Thaddeus Wong of @properties, who in 2008 rescued the building from the scary place it had become, to the tune of $4,000,000 (in the DesignSlinger article, we learned that the building cost $400,000 to build in 1926 -- the equivalent of $5,000,000 today.)

In other UBB news, a reader tells us that Apartment Vigilantes, which had rented out the southern main floor space, has moved out, apparently sometime last week.  We're not sure if they've moved somewhere else or shut down their business.  If you know anyone who's looking for office space in a gorgeous landmark, have them contact UBBOS at the number below or through its website.


  1. Phenomenally beautiful. Is it still in the 48th Ward or now the 46th? The streetscaping in front of it is non-existant and anti-septic.

    We reached out a number of times to Alderman Osterman requesting planters, etc on that entire block from Leland to Lawrence on Broadway, and were not even given the courtesy of a response. Hoping it is now in Cappleman's ward...

  2. They are unable to plant trees in front of the UBB because the basement extends far out under the sidewalk and there would be no dirt for the trees. I did notice 2 green marks on the curbs in front of Spoil Me Salon so when the city gets around the planting trees, you can expect at least 2 there. Patience.

  3. It's amazing the possibilities one can achieve with raised/above ground planters plus, there are some trees that could still be planted that have small root formations. I hope they get rid of the blacked out windows on the first floor. It is such a gorgeous building and hope a wonderful retail or restaurant could be added there.

  4. Apartment Vigilantes were, at one point, one of the worst Craigslist rental spammers. They've slowed down since then, but they have posts up from as recently as yesterday, so it doesn't look like the business has shut down altogether.

  5. Hi UU, yes, I know. I am hoping that they can do something similar to what they have on Michigan Avenue using planters, which is 2 floors above ground starting around Ohio I believe...

  6. Apartment Vigilantes website is still operational, however, their phone has been terminated.

    I have reached out to one of the companies that have done some of the landscaping on Michigan Avenue, and as a part of my associations budget next year we are looking to utilize them to freshen up our landscaping. I think it would be a great ideal if more and more associations think about curb appeal like this.

  7. I understood that Al Capone financed the building ... great photos ... always seemed to me to be the baroque product of a fevered (he had syph & gonorrhea) mind