Monday, November 12, 2012

Old Hull House Location For Sale

It's definitely the end of an era.  With Hull House declaring bankruptcy and going out of business after 122 years, its former building at 4520 N Beacon is up for sale.

It's had a lot of history and has served Uptowners in many ways.  It was the long-time home to the Black Ensemble Theater, and offered Project Head Start preschool, a Small Business Development Center, ESL classes, and counseling and advocacy for domestic abuse victims, among many other services.  It's still home to Uptown's own Pegasus Players!  To see the real estate listing on LoopNet, click here.


  1. Let's see.


    Performance space.

    Industrial zoning.

    Quick someone contact former Alderman Shiller.

    I see a strip club in this location's future.

  2. I realize you're joking, but is it really industrial? The listing says RS-3, which I think is residential, though that doesn't make sense given its current use.