Tuesday, November 13, 2012


The Tribune has a fun article saluting Chicago's dive bars.  Carol's gets all the publicity, but the Tribune feels Max's (down the street at 4621 N Clark) is better deserving of the title.  An excerpt -- the whole article is here:
To divine whether you are drinking at a true dive bar, forget the neighborhood. Dive bars, thankfully, live everywhere in this city, a testament to tradition and one inescapable fact: Once we are in winter's teeth, few trips warm us like the short walk to a cheap drink. [...]

In Max's on a recent Tuesday afternoon, eight men in baseball caps sat with brown bottles before them. Old Style cost $1 on draft, so I ordered that. The bartender, the only woman in the place, set my mug down. I asked how long the bar had been there.

"I bet one of these guys would know before me," she said.

She turned to a customer and said, "Hey Eli, how long has this place been here?"

"About 37 years," Eli said.

But who's counting?


  1. I am all about dive bars, but this place is pretty shady.

  2. They probably just don't like you because you're trying to steal my IrishPirate mojo.

  3. Dueling marauders of Ireland!

    I'm so confused..and little scared..

  4. This "dive" opens at 7AM. I have seen winos waiting for it to open when I walk my dog. It brings a lot of 911 calls throughout the day.

  5. Hey, 'Murican! Read the article. It says one of the requirements of a dive is that it opens in the A.M.

  6. Well looks like I have a new breakfast spot!!

  7. pirate, no they do not serve any kind of food in the place. Lots of cab drivers stop there for a drink or two. The bar is known to over serve patrons.

  8. @Americanit.... I think you missed my joke. WOW.