Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Early AND Often

No wonder the lines were so long at the polls.  A huge percentage of registered voters in the three wards in which Uptown is located showed up at the polls for last week's election:
  • 46th Ward:  23,284 votes were cast, out of 28,064 registered voters (82.96% turnout)
  • 47th Ward:  27,283 votes were cast, out of 32,562 registered voters (83.78% turnout)
  • 48th Ward:  23,163 votes were cast, out of 28,278 registered voters (81.91% turnout)
To break it down a little:
  • In the 46th Ward,  81.83% of the voters went for Obama/Biden, 15.78% for Romney/Ryan, 1.34% for Johnson/Gray (Libertarian), and 1.04% for Stein/Hawkins (Green Party)
  • In the 47th Ward, 78.67% of the voters went for Obama/Biden, 18.37% for Romney/Ryan, 1.50% for Johnson/Gray (Libertarian), and 1.46% for Stein/Hawkins (Green Party)
  • And in the 48th Ward, 84.61% of the voters went for Obama/Biden, 13.15% for Romney/Ryan, 0.93% for Johnson/Gray (Libertarian), and 1.31% for Stein/Hawkins (Green Party)

For the wonks and wonkettes:  You can see all the races and break it down to the precinct level at www.ChicagoElections.com(Well, you can when it comes back up after its big ol' security breach today.)


  1. Glad to see a lot of people voting regardless of who they voted for.

  2. Fantastic turn out!!! I second IP - great that people made their way to the polls regardless of candidate preference.

  3. DUDE ALEXANDER!!! I am not IP. I don't want the real IP (Or the real Slim-shady) to get upset. I would never want the burden of his greatness.... I am just poking fun at him for fun....because he gets a little wound up....