Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Extra-Alarm Fire On Buena This Morning

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Shortly before 9:30am, a multi-unit building at 736 W Buena (between Marine Drive and Clarendon) caught fire.  Firefighters were on the scene en masse within minutes.  The fire was struck at 9:55am.  It looks like the entire top floor was engulfed in flames.  Horrifying.

As this article in the Tribune says, a woman was rescued by firefighters from a top floor unit.  A UU reader and contributor was able to catch a rescue on video, below.  The Tribune says:  "She was taken in fair to serious condition to Weiss Memorial Hospital."  A firefighter was also taken to the hospital as a precaution.

We hope everyone who lives in the building is okay and has family, friends and/or services to help them in this horrible time, and we are glad there was no loss of life. Thank you to everyone who sent us information and photos.

If anyone has any further information, or knows of any fund set up to help the victims, please post in the comments.

Update:  The Sun-Times is saying two residents were hospitalized.  "Two women — one in good-to-fair condition and the other in fair-to-serious condition — were taken to Weiss Memorial Hospital."  (The Sun-Times has a photo gallery along with its article.)

Update:  More dramatic footage from NBC Chicago.  Sammie Redmon, you are a hero!


  1. Amateur video on NBC of the rescue of one resident is dramatic. So fortunate the fire department could reach him from the ground:

  2. It surely raises fear when you see what a fire can destroy. The people below get all their stuff water and smoke damaged too. Lets hope they had insurance to cover their loss.