Saturday, October 6, 2012

Old Pocky Bites The Dust

The last remaining portion of Old Pocky, the deteriorated wall running along Lawrence Avenue next to St. Boniface Cemetery, is [thankfully] now just a memory.  On Thursday, crews were busy deconstructing it, and by Friday afternoon, it was gone, all 1600 feet of it.  We don't think anyone will have fond memories of this grey, cracked, pockmarked part of Uptown history, unless they're really into rusted rebar and painted-over graffiti.

The portion of the wall from Clark to Beacon is substantially finished, and looks great.  It appears to be waiting only for metal fencing to be installed along the top of the stone/concrete walls.  The portion that was just demolished runs from Beacon to the property line west of Magnolia.

As Catholic Cemeteries points out in its slide show about the wall reconstruction, the entire project may take two seasons to complete, but it looks so much better and will certainly present a better impression to visitors to Uptown.  Nice job.

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  1. Even though the revised fence is still under construction, the foliage and monuments visible through just parts of it today were striking. The lovely future view along Lawrence and when walking north out of the streets of Sheridan Park is already unfolding.