Saturday, October 6, 2012

Register To Vote By October 9th For November Election

Did you know that you must be registered to vote by midnight on Tuesday, October 9th, to vote in the November election?  It's not just the office of the President that's up for grabs; we'll also be voting for state representatives, state senators, U.S. representatives, etc., plus a whole lot of judges (and may we just say that the list of judges' names wouldn't be out of place in a Dublin pub?  Man, there are a whole lot of Irish people running as judges in Cook County).

So if you've moved, changed your name, or want to register to vote for the first time, do it before Tuesday.  You can go downtown to the Board of Elections -- check it out here.  Or you can go closer to home:

The Bezazian Branch of the Chicago Public Library, 1226 W. Ainslie Street, will be hosting voter registration on Saturday, October 6 from 11am-1pm and on Monday, October 8 from 5-8pm. Please call 312-744-0019 with any questions.


  1. The entire judicial selection process in Cook County and Illinois is screwed up.

    Judges changing their names to something that sounds "Irish" or female is only part of the issue.

    This deserves a hyperlink, but I haven't had my morning caffeine yet.

  2. It would be great if an organization could put out a list of those judges that consistantly give light or suspended sentences to those criminals that are a cancer in Uptown to further IP's point on judicial races being a farce.

    would personally print out hundreds of DONT VOTE for this Judge and pass them out at El stations...Cops arrest them, the lame ass judges release them.

  3. All those criminals being coddled by all those bleeding-heart liberal judges with all their softheaded concern for rights and rehabilitation. We need Judges tough on law, not feelings, "tough on crime." Hand out tough sentences that fit the crime. Vote for Judges that will lock them up and throw away the key for once and for all.

  4. OMG. Its Fox News Nickey... its not so simple.

  5. Just a reminder that you can go to the Chicago Bar Association and Illinois Bar Association websites to print out voter guides for the judges. I encourage everyone to take a look since this has large implications for crime and justice in Chicago