Sunday, October 7, 2012

Red Line Survey Results From GWNA

From Graceland Wilson Neighbors regarding the survey they sponsored regarding the Red Line last June:

Wilson El Station Survey—What Improvements Residents Want

Everyone has heard the buzz about the $200,000,000 the mayor has slated for the Wilson El Station reconstruction project that will hopefully transform the station and surrounding area from dark and dangerous to a thriving transportation hub connecting the Uptown Entertainment & Cultural District.

Graceland Wilson Neighbors Association conducted a community survey in May-June 2012 and asked people who live, work and shop nearby how they felt about the current conditions at the Wilson El Station and surrounding neighborhood.

Five-hundred and twenty-four (524) people responded to the survey!

The survey findings and recommendations were presented this past week to Alderman Cappleman and the CTA.  Highlights from these meetings will be shared in the next GWNA e-newsletter.  Let’s take a quick look at the survey highlights.

You can read the entire contents of the survey, see a YouTube video and the GWNA recommendations at  Highlights and key findings—
  • What’s most important?  No surprise that 88.5% of the people don’t feel safe going to/from the station.  Almost everyone (94.5%) agreed they’d be more likely to take the Wilson El if they felt safer on the way to/from the station and at the station.
  • Where do folks want the Wilson El Station entrances/exits?  Main entrance moved to original location on Wilson & Broadway—44.2%.  Secondary entrance at Sunnyside between Aldi & Target—51%
An important factor is the need to improve neighborhood connectivity to the new station.  Take a look at the YouTube video posted on  that covers the pedestrian passageway from Aldi’s going west.  Similar conditions affect commuters coming south of Montrose.  With the CTA bus route cut-backs, public transportation for our lake-front neighbors also needs to be addressed.

Don’t Miss the Wilson El Station Community Meeting this coming Thursday, October 11.  This survey is an important first step in the community planning process.

Now is the time to participate and speak up about what you want for a safer, better, accessible Wilson El Station.  Plan on attending the CTA Community Meeting this coming Thursday, October 11.  Better yet, forward this email and invite your neighbors to join you.
  • Wilson El Station Community Meeting
  • Thursday, October 11
  • 6-8 PM
  • Truman College

The Wilson El Station Reconstruction is the most important project that will dramatically impact the Uptown Community.  Let’s make sure that we all participate and help shape our communities’ future.


  1. Video link discussed above can be found here:

  2. Probably wildly unrealistic but a police substation would be ideal.