Monday, October 29, 2012

Construction Season, 19-Aughties Style

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via Google: Looking east on Wilson from Wolcott.
A reader sent in this photo from over a century ago and wondered if it's the Wilson el being constructed.  Can anyone puzzle out where it was taken?

Update: Upon further inspection, it looks like this is a view of the brown line crossing over Wilson near Ravenswood.


  1. Yes, but it's the Ravenswood line at Wilson. You can see the Metra tracks in the background. The cornice on the building to the left (north side of Wilson) is a little different, but mostly the same.,-87.675072&spn=0.005641,0.003117&t=h&z=18&layer=c&cbll=41.96515,-87.675895&panoid=udOhEO57tOcTV2bt9hh8iA&cbp=12,92.89,,0,-3.4

  2. Wow is that cool! I love these kinds of then & now comparisons. I've been looking for photos of our Broadway Bridge, since it's such a key feature of Uptown that will be changed forever with the 'Wilson Ave Station Plus' renovation. Not yet too visible in the draft drawings CTA presented, it is one of those pieces of an infrastructure project that is easy to overlook & yet the right design might have huge potential. Some city areas really need the entrance arches that come with CDOT streetscaping, but Uptown actually already has a potentially amazing entrance arch in our heart.