Sunday, October 28, 2012

Sandy To Break Bad On Beaches?

Hard to believe, but there's a chance Hurricane Sandy could even affect us in Uptown:
The larger concern is northerly winds of around 60 miles per hour expected to churn Lake Michigan waters starting Monday and continuing for around 48 hours. The weather service said winds probably will reach gale- or storm-force and that by Tuesday night, some waves could be 33 feet.

What happens will depend on where Sandy makes landfall and how it interacts with other systems, Seeley said.

Mariners without the proper experience or equipment should stay on land, forecasters said. The waves will batter beaches and are expected to cause shoreline erosion.

Flooding could occur on Lake Shore Drive and on the lakefront bicycle and pedestrian path.
You can read the whole article in the Sun-Times. Be careful and be safe!

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