Thursday, August 30, 2012

Local Stations Affected By Bad BP Batch

That batch of bad gas BP produced in its Whiting, Indiana plant around the middle of August?  The one that makes your car hard or impossible to start?

Well, as usual, BP is very, very sorry.  It finally released a list of the affected stations on its searchable website, and guess what, a couple of Uptown stations are affected:
  • BP Station, 841 W Irving Park Road (at Broadway), Chicago, Illinois 60613
  • BP Station, 755 W Lawrence Avenue (at Clarendon), Chicago, Illinois 60640
If you bought gas at either place and are having trouble with your car since, you'll probably want to check out BP's website.


  1. The Lawrence BP always has the highest prices in Chicago maybe even the country. How they do get get in trouble for price gouging is beyond me. So hopefully not many people got gas there

  2. Bryon F, I was thinking the same thing.

    You'd think this station was in the Aleutian islands.
    The prices are insane!