Thursday, July 26, 2012

Wilson Yard TIF Annual Report Out

We just got a notice from the City that the Wilson Yard TIF 2011 Annual Report is available online.  You can find it here.  We just skimmed it, because it's about as interesting as reading someone's tax return, but perhaps someone with a more analytical mind can make sense of it. 

We may not talk about it much anymore, but if you live in the TIF area, Wilson Yard is going to be taking a sizable chunk of your property taxes through the end of 2025, so it's not even halfway through its ravenous little feast yet.

Funny, when we were being lied to about told the glorious list of what would set up shop in Wilson Yard (Crate & Barrel, movie theaters, Five Guys, Panera Bread, XSport Fitness, Chili's, a small business incubator, rental housing with an ownership option after fifteen years), no one ever mentioned we would be paying Peter Holsten to build new offices for his own company, did they?


  1. Oh dear sweet Hellen you had us at hello! Lol

  2. I was wondering is someone could explain how and if the Target was in effect subsidized.

    What was the cost of construction of the Target and how much did the Tiff covered it.

    Why is this justified by anyone especially now that the Target is a gigantic success one of the best Target stores performers in Illinois.