Monday, July 30, 2012

More Shots Fired Over The Weekend

Many readers are reporting "shots fired" early Sunday morning in the alley between Malden and Beacon on the 4700 block: "Five shots fired at a group of kids at around 1:30 am at Leland and Malden. The group ran into Gooseberry Park, which is below my window. Police were on the scene within five minutes. I don't think anyone got hurt."

911 operators mentioned that many calls came in about the incident, so that's good -- we've got the "call 911 if you hear or see anything" bit down.   Gooseberry Park is the site of another shooting earlier this month, so there's obviously some bad blood brewing in that particular area.  Courtesy of our neighborhood gangs, of course.  How they enhance our lives here in Uptown!

We urge you to go to your CAPS meeting and talk to the officers and representatives from the alderman's office about what's happening and what can be done.  Beat 1913 covers Sheridan Park, and the next meeting is on the first Tuesday of the month, August 7th.  That coincides with National Night Out Against Crime, and there will be a rally and picnic on the Sunnyside Mall, beginning at 6pm.


  1. I wa at JJ's yesterday and notices that the police were parked in the middle of the lot. As I was leaving heading north on Sheridan I passed by a group of about 7 20 something men. I knew if I turned around once seeing the cops in the parking lot they would swiftly turn around and head the opposite direction and I was right!

  2. 4600-4700 Malden and Beacon had been quieting down for the better part of the last three years, and it seems like some bad apples have moved in and are stirring up trouble.

    Ideas on how we can cut this off now and not wait until it gets worse.

    There is a lot of good stuff happening in these couple of blocks of Sheridan Park coming up soon.

  3. The building on the SW corner of Leland and Malden is a disgrace. Constant drug dealing and gang activity, I have a child and I won't take it gooseberry park since it's controlled by the gangs. Cappleman is silent....

  4. I am one of the mother of that building you talk about I also take my children to that park I am not happy with gangs in that area they need to patrol every 25 minute if it has to be I came to chicago for a fresh start.

  5. Please don't shut the park down my daughter plays at that park annd I do agree that the gangs and drug dealer need to back that street or more patroling with the cop.

  6. Ms. Hayes, tomorrow (Wednesday) the alderman will be in the park between 5pm and 7pm. If you can make it, you should come over and speak to him about the problems in the park and let him know your concerns.