Monday, July 30, 2012

Big Action At Argyle

CTA StationWatch has a description of what happened at the Argyle Red Line station over the last five days:
"Those giant piles of stone ballast and stinky bundles of rail ties that arrived on Thorndale and Argyle today, near the CTA stations, mean one thing: tracks will be torn out and replaced in a blitz operation starting Friday evening and running 24/7 until about 4 a.m. on Monday."
Read about the new rail ties, the new ballast and the waterproofing that took place over the long weekend.  With Argyle scheduled to close for six weeks beginning August 24th, and Lawrence to go through a similar process in October, you may want to keep this website handy:  CTA Station Watch.

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  1. Thanks for the shout-out, Uptown Update. We like reporting about the action but there's so much going on that we need local people to tell us what they see, too. On Twitter, use hashtags like this - #ArgyleCTA, #LawrenceCTA - and they'll be picked up at Or use

    Meanwhile, today I saw numerical markings all over Wilson Avenue and the adjacent parking lots, at the Red Line, probably early surveying work for the major rebuild of tracks and station there.

    If you see something of interest, let others know. Thanks Patrick Barry, co-editor, CTA Station Watch.