Tuesday, June 19, 2012

More On Monday Morning's Shooting

Ald. Cappleman sent out an email bulletin on Monday afternoon:

"This morning, at approximately 12:25 a.m., shots were fired near the intersection of Sheridan and Lawrence, hitting and killing a 19 year old male. The victim was not from the Uptown Neighborhood and police believe he was the member of a gang. I have been in contact with 19th District Police Commander John Kenny, and while no offender has been identified, police were quick on the scene and are currently investigating leads. Additionally, I have spoken with nearby business managers and property owners, and they are working with the police to provide any helpful information.

I will be meeting with the 19th and 20th District Commanders in the coming week to discuss our on-going effort to improve safety and stop violence in the 46th Ward. I am working with area block clubs, the Chicago Police Department, and Alderman Harry Osterman's office to address the public safety concerns around Lawrence Avenue. If you have information on this morning's incident, please call Area 3 Detectives at 312-744-8261.

Here's what you can do now: There is a CAPS meeting Thursday night, June 21st, for CAPS Beat 2024 at 7:00 p.m. at Margate Fieldhouse, 4921 North Marine Drive. Additionally, Positive Loitering will take place this Friday, June 22nd at 7PM on the Corner of Lawrence and Sheridan."

Update:  The victim's name is Henry Sogeye, and he lived in the 1000 block of Hollywood Avenue, according to CBS2 Chicago.


  1. Woken up by sirens again ~1am Monday night/Tuesday morning. Was surprised to not see anything on UU about a retaliation (which is what I thought was going on). I guess maybe Lawrence House just had another 'emergency.'

  2. The gang banger victim was not from Uptown? Didn't the last alderman get crucified for saying a lot of the gang bangers doing the shooting weren't from Uptown? I don't see why it matters, except of course there is no local building owner to lead a crusade against. Either way the guy is spending his time here up to no good and he and is buddies need to get the ef out.

  3. Sean, the former alderman was repeatedly criticized for playing down gang violence. Huge difference wouldn't you say?

    By the way, when did you ever see Helen or a member of her staff at a CAPS meeting or a positive loitering event? Compare that to Cappleman's record.

  4. look at that dump...place might as well hang up a sign that says gang bangers welcome.

  5. So holey, are you denying that the last alderman wasn't villified when she stated that a lot of the gang bangers banging here weren't from Uptown? A simple yes or no will do, I'm not debating any other points and in fact will happily concede them all. I guessing you hurled a lot of derision at her for that one statement alone, care to admit you were wrong now that our hero Ald. Cappleman has acknowledged the same thing?

  6. Sean's recipe for acting like a political hack: take a single statement that both Cappleman and Shiller made, remove ANY AND ALL context, in order to introduce a false equivalency between the two.

  7. Sean, Yes, Helen the Alderjackass was vilified for saying that... FYI, one shooting victim does not make a trend. She denied that there was ANY gang activity based in Uptown. Said street riots were 'fisticuffs', had her campaign manager meet protesters with a baseball bat, tried to sneak out of Truman College after a heated community meeting the back door, until the NEWS team caught up with her, never had any one attend CAPS meetings, encouraged class warfare, never communicated with the community at large, had a staff of, well, I wont say what I want too.. all this while living in a large home on a beautiful treelined street..IN ANDERSONVILLE...

    Compare that to Alderman Cappleman who has been in office 1 year vs. Shiller the Alderjackass who was in power for over 20...

    So Sean, next time, think before you speak. Taking one line out of an entire book is dishonest and makes you look , well, silly..

  8. Sean,

    take your whine down Wilson to the passive aggressive "Friendly Tower".

    The main difference is that Cappleman admits that we have a problem with crime. Shiller seldom did.

    Now apparently the victim of this shooting didn't live in Uptown. Cappleman stating that is a fact, Jack. It wasn't some overarching statement that most or all of the bangers in Uptown live elsewhere.

    If the victim had lived in Uptown the Capplemaniac likely would have said that. It seems Cappleman issues a statement after every shooting. I don't recall Shiller doing that.

    Most of the victims of shootings around here have been local residents or quasi residents.

    Shiller addressed crime two times I can think of. After the "fisticuffs" on Sheridan was taped she downplayed it and posted her version of Dr King's Letter from a Birmingham jail. I call it the "They're Coming to Take Me Away" response.

    I can't really recall her addressing crime beyond that. Unless you count when she said it wasn't her "issue".

    You see to Shiller there are no victimizers in Uptown, except for some property owners perhaps, only victims.

    What she wasn't capable of seeing is that it's possible to be victim and victimizer at the same time. That piece of reality escaped her meager brain.



  9. Sean, Shiller could have been factually correct when she said that a lot of gangbangers weren't from Uptown. However, many are/were still living, working and dealing here now and at the time of their crimes. Just because an official residence is listed on the south or west side, doesn't mean that they weren't living in Uptown. And that is lesson 1 on political spin. It allows her to be factually correct even though she is not actually correct in terms of what is being discussed. There were living here, but they weren't from here.

  10. @ Alek,

    That is why we will begin boycotting Uptown Pantry, Papa Rays, J.J. Peppers and US sub & grill beginning July 1st IF they do not stop serving known gang members and their affiliates.

    We MUST create an unwelcoming environment for these urban terrorists by not allowing them to set up shop in OUR local businesses. All they have to do is tell them, "Sorry, you're no longer welcome here". Spread the word on this critical action but support the businesses like hell if they step up.

  11. I think that photo is one of the saddest sights I've ever seen. Heart-breaking.

  12. First, get rid of the shrine. Funeral Homes and Cemetaries is where this crap belongs.

    Second, get a beat cop stationed at Lawrence and Sheridan and a patrol car nearby between 9 p.m. and 2 a.m.

    Third, Don't boycott these businesses. They are struggling probably to stay in business anyway and a closed business is worse than no business at all.

    Fouth, Ask Alds Cappleman and Osterman to have some police undercover stings set up in the area. It won't shut down completely the bangers, but the disruption in the drug trade makes these guys uncomfortable.

  13. I think you are right UptownAction, zero tolerance from businesses is what needs to happen. Why are these businesses tolerating the loitering?

    Is telling gangs to leave more dangerous than what follows when they do loiter? If it is how so? Because I just cant understand why?

    If you give into gang intimidation and the gangs loiter, another gang will want that gangs turf and will shoot at them eventually. It always happens. I have seen it enough in Rogers Park to know that giving into intimidation is a losing proposition.

  14. uptownaction, how will these businesses know they are gangbangers? All the young men in the neighborhood seem to where the extra long shorts & X-Lg white T-shirts. How about cracking down on the businesses selling these "gang attire"?

    1. Are we going to ask Target, Walgreens, and Family Dollar to stop selling white T-shirts as well????

  15. If the stores feel "too intimidated" to tell the gangs to leave they can call the cops and have them tell them to leave. And they need to do that EVERY SINGLE TIME. Zero tolerance no matter what is the only thing that will work. Wonder how long it will take before Sheridan and Lawrence is gang free? It will happend eventually, its just a matter of political will and community will.

  16. Papa Ray's actually has a TON of signs up that say "No loitering" "Will call police" "No gang bangers welcome," etc. This is why I encourage everyone to support Papa Rays and maybe other business owners will do the same. Papa Rays has always called the police, etc. when I've been there and there's been significant loitering. They are an excellent set of eyes on that stretch of Lawrence/Sheridan. Support them!

  17. Do NOT boycott Papa Rays -- They do exactly what you are asking. They have signs posted all over, indicating that they call police, do not tolerate gang banging or loitering, have minimum purchases, etc. Each time I have been by there and there has been ANYTHING shady, they have called police. Plus, they support the positive loiterers, inviting us in for pizza. Support them - they're a great set of eyes on that stretch of Sheridan.

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  19. I am wondering about the memorial shrine as well... it seems to be getting bigger. I understand the need to morn the deal of a loved one, etc. but having a shrine to a shooting set up on the corner of Lawrence and Sheridan seems both inflammatory (in that it is a constant reminder to the others) and a sore reminder to the rest of us that we are living in the heart of a gang war zone. If I was driving in the neighborhood looking to rent, buy or move in my business I would just keep driving when I saw this. Can the business not just move it along, or am I thinking wrongly on this?

  20. There have been several instances where gangbangers have threatened the employees of a business that they better not take down a memorial. It happened at Laurie's a few weeks ago. I wouldn't be surprised if this were the case here.

    I would expect the police to take down the memorial soon. Usually they let it stay up 24 hours when passions are high.

  21. I no longer live in Uptown, but I take the 151 to go see my friend who works in the area.
    I always see nonsens going on at this corner, as well as a severely disturbed woman hanging around Montrose/Broadway/Sheridan. Today she was yelling incomprehensible things at the bus driver while he was stopped at the light.
    I used to try and work with O.N.E. and Ezra on this and Rogers Park stuff, but they seem to be for a lot of negative things. No less than three staff members of each agency told me that people have the right to beg, even if they are wearing brand new Nikes and clean clothes. If I go any further with my rants againt them, I'd get sued. But they seem toi want as many people as possible on Section 8 and other freebies, instead of getting America back to where people don't need a handout.
    Their facilitiy (Ezra), though clean is a den of misery nevertheless. People should want more out of life.

  22. Uptownism, you are (in fact) thinking wrongly on this. You should have stopped typing after "I understand the need of a Mom...". That's where it ends.

  23. Well it seems that things are worse in Uptown than I thought, spreading intimidation about gangs is accepted as normal and isnt questioned.

  24. Just a thought....as I'm not tryin to argue about gang bangers, where their from and actually live, or who said what and how the next person took it out of context...but as to the idea from UU.... I do believe that the "gang bangers, and homeless" actually fund places mentioned above through cigarette, and alcohol sales as well as link benefits...also the grill offers most known residents and residents of the lawrence house the option to run a tab which is paid off with SS and disability checks... not to mention JJ Peppers NOT sell liquor to known gang members??? They would lose wayyy more profits than if this plan were actually put to use because let's face it...how many responsible, working adults, actually spend 100's of dollars...ON A NIGHTLY BASIS towards liquor??? But really.. the best of luck to you on this plan.... you have to think... these stores have lasted yeaaarrrss... before condos and such flooded the lawrence area neighborhood.. they don't have to depend on such sales!!!!

  25. Yupthatsme86 gives a great argument to boycott these businesses and to use the public nuisance law that is now on the books to shut down these businesses. Thats why its on the books, to shut down businesses that cater to criminals and contribute to the detriment of public safety.

  26. yupthatsme, I agree with prohibiting the sale of booze to gang members. The type of liquor they sell is designed to get extremely drunk for little money.

  27. What a great idea... choose a group of people within society to discriminate against. That always leads to good results!