Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Everything Old Is New Again

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A reader who receives the newsletter from MDT Architects forwarded us this.  We don't know if it's ever going to happen, but wouldn't it be a wonderful change/return to original design for Wilson Avenue?
Rehab Possibilities for TCF Bank.  In a recent study MDT explored a potential reuse opportunity for the TCF Bank Building, formerly the Wilson Avenue Theater, in Chicago's Uptown neighborhood. The 900-seat theater opened July 19, 1909 as one of the first large venues in the Uptown neighborhood. Just 10 years later the building was converted to use as a bank and has served that function ever since. MDT's study proposes to return the theater to its original use, providing a mid-size music venue with a bar and restaurant next door. The proposed new restaurant addition includes water and energy efficiency features as well as a rooftop garden for food production and pleasant roof top dining.


  1. everything about this is great...really hope some of this visionary stuff materializes.

  2. Can I just say how much I would adore this project if it came to fruition.

    I would just recommend that the bar be more of a cocktail lounge than beer joint. We need a bar with a bit more refinement in Uptown.

  3. Yes Please! This would be an amazing redevelopment and enrichment of this stretch of Wilson. Bring it on Uptown Entertainment District!

  4. That would be so HUGE for the area.
    I would love to see it happen.

    Wilson Ave RISING from the ashes!!!!!!!

    Im crossing my fingers.

  5. This would be to Wilson
    what Actone Cafe/Mayne Stage is to Morse. (Hopefully)....

  6. I'd like to see the rooftop of that bar/restaurant be not just a green roof, but a rooftop deck. Imagine on nice summer nights, after a show, going outside for a nice mojito or martini. Here's hoping this is more than just a pipedream.

  7. This rendering makes a good point about filling in the parking with retail along the sidewalk. All of the open lot parking is killing Wison from Brdwy to Sheridan.

    From the old Taco Loco to Dunkin' D's there is just too much open lot space.

    Speaking of open lots the biggest one across Winthrop to the east was supposed to become a Sonics?

    Anything new on that I wonder... Another drive-thru would be the opposite design idea from the rendering perhaps.

    An anathema even....

  8. Do you know who hired MDT to do the study? Is it still operating as a bank or is it vacant?

    Looks like a great historic building worth saving and reusing.