Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Blowin' In The Wind

A Graceland Wilson Neighbor writes in:
"If you have any doubts that the Graceland Wilson Neighborhood around Truman College isn’t a prosperous drug sales territory for the gang members, read on…

This past week a resident living in the Voice Building at 4424-26 N Clifton found a $100 bill in her building’s gangway while taking out the garbage.

Another neighbor living near Racine and Sunnyside recently found a $100 bill in her yard while planting.

Our thriving drug dealers obviously have so much money they can throw $100 bills away.

Keep your eyes on the ground, you could be the next lucky winner."


  1. Maybe we have an anonymous benefactor in the neighborhood planting these little gifts for people.

  2. Drug deals work with small bills mostly, its actually a hallmark of the trade. The $100 bills are farther up the food chain from "retail".
    Wouldn't want to say a 5 10 or 20 dollar bill found must be drug money...that would be silly right?

  3. The $100 bills that were found are pretty much a rorschach test. Objectively, there is no way to tell where or from whom they came. One could create a million stories to explain them.