Tuesday, June 19, 2012

The Lion Bids Farewell

We're very sad to hear that our little friend, the lion at Montrose and Dayton, whose costume choices are varied and seasonal, will be taking a break.  His "owner" writes:
"The lion and I have decided to take an indefinite hiatus, but I do appreciate the people who posted pictures of Lionel to UU and to the hundreds (literally) of people who have thanked me over the past 14 years for my 'decorating' that often brought a smile to their face, even if they did question my sanity. ;) Unfortunately not everyone shares my sense of humor."
PS -  Lionel would like us to explain that lions don't have access to spellcheck, but his message is no less sincere.


  1. This blows! I noticed a memorial has started to build! Go check it out and maybe contribute a little something.

  2. i guess whomever the Scrooge/Grinch is that does not like this very artful and fun Lion must prefer his street to be decorated with "Police Do Not Cross", chalk outlines of stabbing victims, and bullet casings?

  3. Huge loss to the community. Sad.

  4. Someone complained about the lion?

    A neighbor?

    Did "Lionel" scare Americanlt and Mister Poochy as they walked by?

    The complainer needs to get his panties unTwisted.

    We need to Stand by Lionel.

    The complainer probably has this on his 8 track tape player.

    What he should have on an IPOD is this.

    The lion screams summertime or wintertime or just an amusing time.

    Oh lion, don't go away. Oh, lion.....it's you.

    I feel it in my fingers, I feel it in my toes, the lion is all around me.

    I have it from a good source that Lionel doesn't give a damn about his bad reputation.

    In Uptown the lion may sleep tonight, but he always wakes up the next morning. Maybe early afternoon after gay pride weekend or St. Paddy's Day.

    Ain't no sunshine in Uptown without Lionel.

    Let Lionel be.

  5. What a crappy deal!

    Probably some uptight suburban transplant....I mean who the #$&* else complains about lawn ornament appropriate-ness?

  6. I love Lionel and all his attire; I hope he will be back to his old ways very soon!

  7. I send Mr. Lions seasonal portraits to all my friends. He makes me smile every time I go to he store and inspires me to try to do something creative. . Shame on who ever can't stand his fabulousness!

  8. What a shame; this has always been a treat to see on my way back from Jewel and a true creative inspiration. It was good, clean fun and I can't understand how anyone could object, especially since there are so many bigger problems to tackle in the neighborhood, the city, and so on. I hope the Grinch who asked the Lion's decorator sees this post and how many people are disappointed.

  9. Littleton Arts Uptown said...

    What a crappy deal!

    Probably some uptight suburban transplant....I mean who the #$&* else complains about lawn ornament appropriate-ness?

    Hmmmm....you mean gentrification can suck the soul out of a neighborhood?

    Poor Lionel, better to go quietly into that good night... I can't imagine him having to dress every day in a tropical wool suit with tie, briefcase by his side, designer sunglasses propped on his head, and a smirk on his face…

  10. ohhhhh, nooooooo!
    We love the lion! I always take visitors by him as part of the neighborhood tour. He lends good "spice" to cover up some of the stink in our neighborhood. BRING THE LION BACK! BRING THE LION BACK! BRING THE LION BACK! BRING THE LION BACK! BRING THE LION BACK!

  11. Oh, this is so sad. We love the Lion and love taking walks just to see what he is wearing. He is such a funny, fun and quirky part of our neighborhood. If someone complained and they don't like him, then they don't have to look at him. But don't let cranky pants people take Lionel away.

  12. Lionel has a lost brother from the dark side. He is in RP...