Monday, May 28, 2012

Where Am I Located?

It's been a few months since we've played this game.  Identify where this scholarly tome is located in Uptown and win the admiration of your peers.


  1. "X" marks The Spot, at 4437 North Broadway.

    Now, that got me wondering what was in that location when the building was built, so that a book engraved over the entrance would be an appropriate ornament.

    Looked in the 1928 reverse address directory and found that the companies there at the time were Skeeles Biddle & Rockefeller, undertakers, and J. Weinstein & Son, undertakers. Considering Uptown's reputation as mob territory, altogether fitting and appropriate.

    No clue who was there previously, when the building was built. Anyone know?

  2. T'was designed and built as a funeral parlor. The undertaker and family lived above and the parlor was on the first floor. It was a common arrangement.

    Remember "Six Feet Under"?

  3. I have no idea what it was, always assumed it was a bookseller with the book motif.

    The façade is an old one but I don't think it is the original. Inside The Spot look to the right and up just inside the front window.

    There is a dark face brick that the existing facade is tied into. I think but can't say for sure that was the original, set-back about 18" from the sidewalk.

    Its a weird little clue I noticed.....while drinking a beer.

  4. This is an interesting "tid bit" about J. Weinstein & Sons which was founded in 1890.

  5. My grand uncle, Edward Hammond Vance, lived or worked at a funeral home in Chicago, is listed in the 1930 census as a partner with two others, named Thomas J.Shannon and Robert H. Kirkham. Later on the facility was owned by Skeeles Biddle and Rockefeller. I'm in touch with a great grandson of Mr. Rockefeller. The 1930's location was East 63rd Street. Is that relatively close to 4437 No Broadway, by chance? I've been trying to find someone familiar with Edward Hammond for many years. He later worked at a Chicago hospital, not far from the E. 3rd St address. Gary Allen Richardson