Monday, May 28, 2012

Filled To Capacity

Ugh.  A reader sent in this shot of the mess at Foster Avenue Beach this morning.  Let's hope the trash cans are emptied before a second day of record-setting heat and overflow visitors make it even worse.


  1. The garbage problem this weekend in Sheridan Park seemed to really be worse than usual. The parkways just west of the Leland in front of the condos on the southeast and southwest corners of Leland & Magnolia are almost always strewn with garbage. It's amazing that not one of the condo owners feels the need to clean up their parkways. I also encountered an idiot who lives at the southwest corner of Leland & Magnolia removing garbage from the dumpster in the alley. She claimed that the garbage wasn't theirs and that it shouldn't be in their dumpster, so she just dumped it in the alley. I'm sure the rats appreciate it.

  2. The trash cans at Montrose were even worse. Its always depressing to stroll over there "the day after" a massive influx of people descend down on Montrose only to leave a huge wake of trash and bottles behind. I can see the appeal of North Beach b/c you can't drive there which keeps the polluting masses and their banquet style spreads away. On the "heavier days" I avoid Montrose like the plague, too many cars and mindless people.

  3. I visit the lake every day winter, summer, rain or shine. It saddens me that people who visit the lake twice or three times a year on holidays don't have any consideration for those who enjoy it EVERY day of the year.