Monday, May 14, 2012

New Tenant Confirmed For Uptown Broadway Building

Last November, we got a tip that the build-out of the ground floor storefront level of the Uptown Broadway Building (4707 N Broadway) was for the benefit of some offices of Children's Memorial Hospital, who would be moving into the space.

Last week a reader of our Facebook page linked to an article in the Chicago Phoenix that says "The Center for Gender, Sexuality and HIV Prevention at Children’s Memorial Hospital will move to the Uptown neighborhood this summer."  They have signed a three-year lease.  See the entire article here.

As much as we would prefer businesses that bring sales tax income to Uptown, we're glad to have another empty storefront filled, and with a well-funded organization.


  1. I'm glad this beautiful and unique building was restored, but I'm sad that the beautiful old lofted storefronts were not restored to their original state. Instead, they were gutted and the lofts removed.

    I hope these retail spaces fill and a good use is found for the vacant Border's space across the street.

  2. I would love to understand from Alderman Ostermans office (as I do believe that is in his ward) why there are no trees planted on that entire stretch of Broadway on the east side. From Leland to Lawrence. there is just concrete. Looks like I imagine North Korea does..concrete and uninviting. Great buildings, ugly as hell/non-existing streetscaping

  3. Well, the sidewalk in front of the Uptown Broadway Building is hollow underneath as the basement stretches out under the sidewalk. Trees can't be planted there.
    However, in front of Bridgeview on Broadway, those ugly concrete planters with half-dead trees have gotta go! Call 311 and request trees to be planted and see if they do it.

  4. Hi UU, I have requested that a number of times on the City of Chicago 311 site over the past year or so... as you can see....nothing...