Thursday, May 17, 2012

From "Off Limits" to I-Go In Six Months

The latest development with the four lots on the 4400 block of Clark is that they are now a parking lot for I-Go cars, and soliciting monthly parkers. There's a "For Sale" sign on the southernmost lot, which leads to a real estate listing that says that lot is priced for $199,000 and is one of four contiguous lots for sale. It mentions that the lots are in a TIF district and brags that they're across from the new BET Theater, which we appreciate.

Stay tuned.  Apparently this story isn't finished.


  1. That's interesting. I thought this was tied to the developer who worked on the high-rise building across the street. Who paid for the demolition, I wonder.

  2. Interesting question Phil. Lets carry it one step further Were the lots sold. Since I-go is administered by a nfp, where is all this money coming from? And why such a large lot? Most of the places where I-go cars are parked there are 2 or 3 spaces. The whole concept was to spread them around not have a great big lot. When I-go was started they talked about the cars being within walking distance.