Thursday, May 17, 2012

Beware: Burglars

We're hearing a lot lately about home invasions and burglaries, so a few reminders:
  • Now that warmer weather is here, people are leaving their windows open while they run to the store or sleep.  Don't.  Burglars would prefer you're not home when they enter your place, but they'll come in regardless.  A reader told us about someone who got burgled when they left their third floor window open during the day; the thieves broke into the empty apartment next door, put a board across the gap between the buildings, and entered the apartment that way.
  • Don't let people into your building behind you.  A reader writes:  "The thief entered the building when someone was leaving and he caught the door, headed to my apartment and walked out with over $2,000 in technology.  My landlord said that this has never happened in all the years she has owned the building. Carpenter coming today to fix the door and the detective is coming to watch the footage."
  • As always, don't buzz anyone into your building if you don't know them or aren't expecting them.

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